Damme, Nanou, Philips, the 12-year-old girl from Damme YouTube, which was conquered by her fluisterfilmpjes’, it brings its own line of clothing in the market.

Nanou, originally from Bruges, belgium, is a rising star on the YouTube web site. Her hands and voice, she makes soothing sounds, is something the viewers a pleasant tingling sensation that delivers. It is a so-called ASMR artist, and it has over 117,000 followers on the channel. Now, the little girl also do well in the world of fashion. Along with her family, launched 16 november in the collection TWLV – a reference to her in the age of ‘twelve’. On its web site www.twlv.be it is quite literally a countdown to that time. Her Instagram gives Nanou is also the first preview of the clothing line.