World CHAMPIONSHIPS in Athletics is still good news for the Belgians, on the first day of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics (Doha): Isaac Kimeli, who qualified for the final of the 5,000 m, and the like, such as Claire Orcel did in the high jump. VoorFanny Then (pole vault), Renée Eykens (800 metres) and Robin Hendrix (5,000 m) was the last world cup there was all the tape on it.

Isaac Kimeli, and Claire Orcel closed their league, tonight, at about the same time, in the Khalifa International Stadium, and with the same result: they grabbed their ticket to the final. Naturally, the two Belgians with a broad smile and the magazines were published. “Hey, I am a happy man,” puffed the Orcel. “To 1m92, it looked really good, and I was in the fifth, but all of the sudden they all started about the 1m94-to-go. I wasn’t sure – even with a luck that I was on my first try on 1m92 jump, and that has made the difference.”

The 21-year-old from Brussels has dreamt of, is that they are highly qualified, with 1m94, “That has me a little confused, but I’m not going to spit on 1m92, right? (laughs) in My CHAMPIONSHIP indoors in march, and drew on anything, the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin, I had, last year, in a wheel chair to leave then I should have my WC. I’m a little tired right now, it is wait and see how my body reacts to the final out on Monday. Hopefully, I improve my personal best (1m94), but that would be the cherry on top is the cherry on top of the card. Quite possible that I’m the last or second-to-last word.”

the conditions at the stadium, she didn’t complain at all, she said. “It’s ok, but not too hot, and I had to pay my global warming started, and even a bit cold. My transfer from the hotel to the stadium was even better, I had to take a taxi from the airport, as the bus sped past the hotel.” Saturday, she and her friend, and the discus thrower, Philip Milanov are going to encourage the vice-world champion in 2015 should be the qualifications to survive. (continue reading below image).