traffic jam in Hamburg

Berlin-Kladow, Glienicker See a week ago: Drivers rammed their vehicles into wooden bollards, tearing them out of the ground in order to park as close to the lake as possible. And you don’t have to be a misanthrope to say: Such scenes are guaranteed to be repeated in the summer – in Berlin and elsewhere.

This has to do with the overcrowding of many bathing areas and the heat, all the more so in the over-powered tin boxes if they have been in the sun for far too long. But above all with the new position in which drivers find themselves today: on the defensive.

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More than half of the population is in favor of speed limits, the Berlin SPD has given up support for the further construction of the Autobahn 100, and anyone who reveals themselves to be a car driver in cities is looked at as if they were chasing their food with a club.

And social movements such as the “Last Generation”, whose members are stuck on main roads, completely unsettle the injured driver’s soul. There they sit, the human bollards of Generation Z, which, unlike at the lake, have not been rammed up to now. But will it stay like this?

Viewing traffic rules as a non-binding recommendation has long been the privilege of cyclists and pedestrians. If the traffic light phases are clocked so stupid!

Now the motorists are also increasingly taking liberties – from a perceived victim role, in which the aggression speedometer remains in the continuous stop. After all, they have already put up with all sorts of things: the many cycle lanes on which a few bicycles are traveling while they are stewing in traffic jams next to them, the lack of parking spaces, the expensive petrol. Now it’s apparently over.

So the “last generation” is faced with a last gasp, or rather: a last gasp.

What happens after the Kladow bollard incident? Will motorists soon paint zebra crossings with motor oil? Do they concrete their own city highway? Will they also simply drive through red traffic lights in the future? Or even against her? Do they ram them away too? If you only thunder against it often enough, every obstacle gives way.

With your head against the wall: That fits a means of transport whose superpower is called “destroy the planet”. But maybe the overheated car men really just have to jump in at the deep end. Get them a paddling pool with an ice cream parlor within walking distance – and good public transport connections.