Why Vysotsky father hid his real middle name

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Even many modern biographers called the father of Vladimir Vysotsky, Semyon Vladimirovich. But in fact, Vysotsky-senior was quite a different middle name. It pointed to his nationality, which he carefully hid. And there were my reasons.

Military career

wrote Semyon Vysotsky in his autobiography, cited by the newspaper “Vysotsky. On the edge” Yuriy Sushko (this author also calls Vysotsky-senior Semyon Vladimirovich), he was born in 1915 in Kiev. Subsequently, the Seeds parents divorced, and he and his father moved to Moscow. In the capital in 1936, Vysotsky graduated from the College of communication, where he passed non-military training and received the rank of second Lieutenant. In March 1941 Semyon Vysotsky was in military service.

Vysotsky-senior was all the Great Patriotic war. In the words of Bella Makarova, the author of the textbook “Literature. Vysotsky in school,” the father of the bard was among those in the composition of the 4th tank army liberated the capital of Czechoslovakia from Nazi invaders. The war Semyon Vysotsky graduated in the rank of major. After the victory of the left in the Armed forces and was sent to serve in Germany. According to Viktor Bakin, author of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky. Life after death” that Vysotsky-senior was occupied quite a high position and even had at their disposal the orderly and a car with a personal driver.

a Fake middle name

in the beginning of his military career, and much later Semyon Vysotsky carefully concealed his nationality. Irina Mudrova in the book “Great Jews. 100 famous names” mentions that Vysotsky-senior was a Jew. It is with this fact is connected with the confusion with the patronymic of the father of the bard. Semyon Vysotsky preferred to be called by Putin. This option and issued in literaturese various biographers of his son. In reality, however, father Semyon Vysotsky’s name was wolf. Even though on the tomb of the grandfather of the poet says: “Vladimir Vysotsky”.

why the secrecy? According to the book of Boris Kudryavov “the Passion according to Vladimir Vysotsky” that in Soviet years the Jew had no right to wear epaulettes with stars. And Simon Wolfowitz, as you know, was a Colonel in the armored forces. Perhaps it is due to the fact that Vysotsky-senior was hiding his nationality, he was able to achieve such heights. It is noteworthy that the grandfather of Vladimir Vysotsky, who worked as a legal counsel at the factory “Uzbekkino”, was known as an ardent anti-Semite.

Half Jew

But Vladimir Vysotsky, who knew about his roots, an anti-Semite he was not. About this among other things is evidenced by the letter of Vysotsky. So, in a letter to his wife, the poet, who was in a business trip in the South of the country, sneering at her Russian-Jewish origin (his mother was a Russian bard), identify itself as a “Jewish Kabardian-Russian man”. In another message, an excerpt from which is given in the book of Natalia Ageeva “I treated Vysotsky” Vysotsky complained: “the Hair bleached and the eye is… From Judaism and left no trace”.

Despite the fact that their “Jewishness” Vladimir Vysotsky was trying not to show about the nationality of the artist was aware of almost all his colleagues. No wonder that many of them have called Vysotsky as “a rational Jew.” At least so says Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky: the secret trump card in the deck.” In his book Razzakov refers to an interview with writer David Karapetyan, who said that in a drunken state, woke up in Vysotsky Russian generous, and sober – it is replaced by a rational Jew.

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