Why the Russians and the Americans were shooting each other in occupied Berlin

History 26/01/20 Why the Russians and the Americans were shooting each other in occupied Berlin

during the joint occupation of Berlin, the relations of soldiers of the red Army and its Western allies was by no means peaceful. Between the Soviet soldiers and the Americans were often skirmishes. Although the causes of conflict seemingly “domestic” for them felt the political tension, eventually destroyed the anti-Hitler coalition.

the Murder of major Kalomoira

how often have been tragic incidents involving Russian documents from the archive of the occupation of Berlin, made public by the user of “Live Journal” under the name of Humus in 2011. In August 1945, on the Desk of the head of the political Department of the group of Soviet occupation troops in Germany went to a report of severely wounded American soldiers, major Michael Kolomijtsa. The incident happened on July 31. Released in the city Kolomoets and two of his colleagues took the common room in the hotel Terminus. When the soldiers sat down to dinner and drink beer, in walked an American major Smith with four privates and demanded to vacate the premises, surrendering the weapons. Kolomoets escorted the Americans saying that Russian played a major role in the defeat of Germany, so weapons will not give up. Soon the Americans arrived on two armored vehicles and three cars “Willis”. Colleagues Kalomoira began to search, and American airman De Falico opened fire with a machine gun on the major, who did not want to stop. The result Kolomoets was wounded in the abdomen, and the Americans took him to your hospital. There, the patient refused to help, having sent to the Soviet doctors. However, the operation in the hospital of the red Army in Karlhorst has not helped by day 2 Aug Russian officer died.

“as a result of a survey of German chef of the hotel, and polkas, workers gothel, found that heavy the wounding of major Kalomoira<...> has occurred due to unevenness of Kalomoira and unsound reasoning on the part of Americans,” he concluded who conducted the investigation of major Mitrokhin. About the incident, General Vasily Sokolovsky wrote a letter to the head of the American zone of occupation, General Lucius Glue, in which he expressed confidence that the perpetrators “will be brought to American justice and severely punished”, and when the proceedings will be present Soviet representative. However, this wish remained unfulfilled Sokolowski. Ordinary De Falico the American officer Council in a few days, was acquitted because he claimed that Soviet major threatened him with a gun.

Mikhail Kolomoets were experienced soldiers. According to the database “memory of the nation”, at the time of his death he was 35 years old. Born in Melitopol served since 1933 and was fighting with the whole of Ukraine and Poland.

Other incidents

the Case Kolomainen was not the only one. Only in July-August 1945 in clashes with Americans wounded 6 soldiers. In most cases they did not obey the orders of armed and superior in number of Americans. For example, Russian soldiers Anikin and Klimov, walking down the street after drinking wine at the Potsdam station, were injured while resisting the patrol. All the wounded survived.

the Soviet command did not once raised the issue of “defiance” of Americans and the facts of the use of weapons against soldiers and officers of the red Army. General Frank parks, who promised to look into these incidents, to remember the American saying: “Who was the first to take out a gun, he will long to live.” None of the Americans in the end didn’t bear responsibility.

However, cannot be considered victims of the clashes, only Russian. Night 16 September 1945, Berliner-Allee Soviet patrol tried to stop the car, which drove the American soldier and his German girlfriend Käthe Schmid. The driver disobeyed the stop order, laste that, the red army opened fire on the car. An American soldier was killed, the girl hit her face on the windshield. It is noteworthy that no clashes Russian with British or French in the summer and autumn of 1945 in Berlin were recorded.

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