Why the court of France acquitted the murderer Petlura

History 20/02/20 Why the court of France acquitted the murderer Petlura

In March 1921 between Moscow and Warsaw signed the Treaty of Riga, which marked the end of a two-year Polish-Soviet war. After a large part of modern Ukraine was occupied by the Bolsheviks Simon Petliura and other figures of the UPR emigrated to Poland. From there they planned to continue the fight and after the support received from France and Poland staged on the territory of Ukraine, defeated Kotovsky and Primakov RAID.

In 1923, the USSR demanded from Warsaw to issue Petliura, and he was forced to move. After mikani for different European countries in 1924, the former head of the UNR and the chieftain of its troops arrived in Paris.

the Murder of Petlyura

on may 25, 1925 the man with the cane was considered a showcase of bookstores in Paris, Rue Rasen. He was approached by a stranger and asked in Ukrainian: “are You Mr. Petliura?” and after he turned his head, the man five times at point-blank range shot from a revolver. The shooter, who was not going to escape policeman came up, to which he calmly gave up his arms and said, “I have killed a great assassin.” On the way to the hospital Simon Petlyura died of his wounds, and the killer’s name was Samuel I. Shvartsburd.

Shvartsburd was born in the Bessarabian town of Ismail was a Jew and an anarchist by conviction. After the suppression by the tsarist government of the revolutionary events of 1905-1907 Sholom went to Europe and settled in Paris. At first he worked as watchmakers, but later joined the foreign Legion and participated in the First world war, was wounded and had awards for bravery. Shvartsburd talked with European anarchists and even made friends with Nestor Makhno, with whom investigators believe he shared his plan.

After the events of February 1917 he returned to Russia and fought for the Bolsheviks, but disappointed in their policy, rightI to Paris. Later Shvartsburd learned that swept across Ukraine Jewish pogroms have killed a dozen members of his family, and the culprit of the tragedy Samuel thought it Petlyura.

the criminal trial of the murderer Petlura escalated into the political process. Shvartsburd argued that such an act and his inspired sense of place. The Jews of Europe believed Petliura main culprit of massacre implemented under his control troops in the Ukraine. According to the red cross to 1920 killed up to 50 thousand Ukrainian Jews, and Samuel by his own admission was retribution for the offender.

the defense

the Jewish community took the side of the killer. Zionist Leo Motzkin organized a Society for the protection of Sholom Shvartsburd, and the lawyer became the celebrated French lawyer of Jewish descent, Henri Torres. For the trial were collected many documents related to the pogroms in the Ukraine. In support of Shvartsburd were made by albert Einstein, Romain Rolland, Henri Barbusse, Maxim Gorky and Alexander Kerensky.

In defense of Samuel testified more than 120 witnesses who told of the horrors going on in the Ukraine, and insisted that Simon Petlyura encouraged and planned acts of slaughter. One of the slogans of the UPR was: “beat the Jews and save Ukraine!” which untied the hands of Ukrainian soldiers.

the prosecution

the prosecution Witnesses were leaders of UNR, who argued that Petliura did not plan the riots, which took place spontaneously, and the murderer is an agent of the Bolsheviks. In favor of the innocence of the head of the UNR was made by 200 witnesses. Also, the Commission charges has provided over 200 documents proving the innocence of Petlyura, but the lawyer Torres did not accept them, citing that most of them are written after the departure of Petlura Ukraine and do not have the signature of the head of the UPR. During the meeting was read a paper of 20 pages, which referred to communication Shvartsburd with Soviet intelligence and secret services of France.

the Sentence

During the trial, the prosecution he were able to cite a single episode in which Simon V. their actions prevented or stopped the massacres. Only in the summer of 1919 after the bloody pogroms of the winter, he issued a decree, prohibiting their conduct.

the Trial lasted 9 days and, after deliberations, the jury found the Samuel Shvartsburd innocent. For this decision voted 8 out of 12 jurors. The accused was released in the courtroom, and ordered to compensate the widow and brother of the murdered Ukrainian nationalist. The compensation of one franc each.

After the acquittal of Samuel lived in the French capital, where he worked for the insurer, wrote poems, books and articles. In 1937, he during a trip to South Africa died of a heart attack. After 60 years, his remains were reburied at the “promised land”, and a few streets in Israel bear the name of the murderer Petlura.

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