Why not everyone believes in the suicide of Marshal Akhromeyev

Crime 28/10/19 Public domainПочему not everyone believes in the suicide of Marshal Akhromeyev

24 Aug 1991 died Soviet Marshal Sergei Akhromeyev, one of the most prominent generals of the late USSR. According to the official version, being depressed because of political events, he committed suicide in his office in the Kremlin. However with it agree far not all researchers who point to inconsistencies in the case.

the Last days

Marshal Akhromeyev has served as an Advisor to President Mikhail Gorbachev on military matters. Initially, he was not a member of the emergency Committee, but after learning about its formation on 19 August 1991, had strongly supported the coup and after negotiations with the Vice-President Gennady by Anavim joined the staff of the emergency Committee. The task of the Marshal was to analyze the military-political situation in the Soviet Union. As subsequently argued akhromeev, he was sure to “lose affair.”
When on 21 August the members of the emergency Committee were arrested, Akhromeyev remained at large and continued to go to work.

the Death of

the Body of 69-year-old Marshal was found late in the evening of 24 August, when the officer of the guard looked at his office, No. 19a. Investigators had discovered a ribbon, which the Marshal had committed suicide, and 6 notes.
compared To other events of those turbulent August days the death of Marshall received wide resonance. Perhaps she deliberately paused, fearing that the death Akhromeeva can stir up the army, where the Marshal had great authority.


evidence collected during the investigation, draw a picture of the rather unusual behavior of Marshal. The first suicide attempt, as follows from notes he made at 9:40 am, twenty minutes was unconscious, and then waking up as if nothing had happened received visitors, answered telephone calls and planned visits.
it is Also unknown where he was akhromeev 15 chaowls of the day – at this time the key in the door of his Cabinet were absent, and in the evening he reappeared.
the Issues caused and the position in which he was found dead. The deceased somehow was sitting on the floor. The twine he tied to the handle of the window frame, although the ceiling in his office there was a hook for hanging chandeliers. If Marshall was difficult to make plans this way, then why did he not take possession of drugs overdose which would lead to a less painful death?
Finally, from the testimony of the witnesses remains unclear who first saw the body of a security officer Vladimir Koroteev and his immediate boss – the commandant of the Kremlin’s building No. 1 Mikhail Barsukov, Yeltsin, the future Director of the FSB.

Doubts about the suicide

Not clarified the possible motives of suicide Akhromeyev. Initially the press reported that Marshall allegedly felt a sense of guilt for his relationship to the emergency Committee. However, he did not change his political views.
moreover, the day of his death he had prepared the text of the report before deputies of the Supreme Council session which was to begin on August 26. It is known that the captain had planned to disclose the facts of betrayal of several senior officials of public interests.
There are Parallels between the sudden death of Akhromeyev, the suicide of a member of the emergency Committee Boris Pugo and the death of the Deputy Nikolay Kruchina. The similarities of these events and their proximity in timing have given grounds to some writers to assume that there was a chain of political assassinations.
According to one version, the unknown entered the office of the Marshal, and drove him to suicide, perhaps threatening to kill his family.
This may explain the enigmatic phrase from a suicide note addressed to his family:
Today I first put first duty to you. I ask you to courageously relive those days – wrote akhromeev.

Who desecrated the grave?

it Remains a mystery, and post-mortem desecration of a body Akhromeeva in September 1991. Attackers, on the WTORoy the day after the funeral, which revealed the grave and shot with the corpse of the Marshal’s uniform, leaving him in his underpants, and remained unfound. Why Troekurov spacedude for dignitaries was not guarded in those days properly, is unknown.

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