iHLN Apple last night and the next version released for the mobile operating system, but users may think best, for the second time in for them to install it. The device 13 could, in fact, a lot of bugs, and experts recommend that you wait until the iOS 13.1 at all. For the impatient among us, that is, in four days.

Users of the iPhone 6S, or a later model, iOS13, since last night, download it for free. And it looks very promising that the new iphone is faster, and there is now a “dark mode”, and the batterijfunctie has been improved, and there is a new keyboard, and new web apps. For example, the photos app is a thorough overhaul. Apple also introduced its own inlogdienst with one touch sign in using your Apple account, as well as a gamingportaal: Apple, Arcade / game room.

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, But it seems there are a lot of shortcomings to it. According to the experts, it is a long time ago, that there is still such a messy release, but the beta versions for developers, and a test audience, who, in June, launched it, and traditionally the first of the feedback as possible, proved to be full of bugs there. Some of them would, in the meantime, way to go, but by no means all of them.

If you get the login screen, be able to work around to get the contacts from an iPhone to get to the hotel. Without the code, or biometric identification, in other words. The attacker would have physical access to the device, but after that, it is easy to get in to the book and to get information from people to see it. Just like a list of people that the user of the iPhone will be the last contact you’ve had. The bug would be in the first update of the iOS, of 13, out of. (read on below)