Why in the red Army created a women's small part in 1942

History 21/02/20 Why in the red Army created a women’s small part in the 1942

About the female infantry battalion of the Russian army in the First world war is known to many. But that in the red army in the Great Patriotic also had female infantry unit, almost unknown. And they were born thanks to the initiative of one courageous Komsomolskaya Pravda, with the assistance of famous writer.

the Komsomol, the sportswoman…

Faith Krylov was an ideological member of the Komsomol and really stood up for justice. Therefore, mismanagement and devastation that prevailed in her native Tatar district of Novosibirsk region, could not leave the girl untouched. When speaking at meetings and appeals to the grassroots of the party and economic agencies for help, Krylova in the spring of 1941 wrote a letter to Stalin. From Moscow arrived to an inspection, which revealed abuses and crimes. In 1942, Krylov for his actions was awarded the order of red banner of Labor.

By this time it had been at the front, where he volunteered on the first day of the war. Krylov received the title of field medic, which corresponded to a Lieutenant and as commander of the medical company became involved in the wounded soldiers and commanders of the red army. But on account of its many combat scenes, including command of the soldiers coming from the environment, removal from the battlefield the regimental commander, defense organization, and so on. At the end of November 1941 Vera Krylova, the order of Georgy Zhukov, who commanded the troops of the Western front, was awarded the order of red banner. By this time the regiment, which served Krylova, received the name “12th guards.”

About Krylov in 1942, wrote the Central press, the girl herself is already a captain of the quartermaster service had the idea of creating a female infantry units in the red army.

In defense of the Motherland

By this time already existed, so to say, legislation. The people’s Commissar of defence on 8 September 1941 Gol signed a decree on fosteringvanii women’s aviation regiments, from March 1942, the Komsomol began to call in part of the defense, from April GKO women replenish part of that may the ranks of the Navy.

His thoughts about the female infantry units Krylov shared with the writer Lydia Seifullina who was interviewing her. Seyfullin thought highly of Stalin and she has written to him on 17 October 1942 with a request for a meeting with Vera Krylova. In the letter described in detail the whole history of the Komsomol, Seifullin not forget about the Faith letter to Stalin about the irregularities in Siberia, described the whole way of fighting Krylova. The writer has used the available administrative levers. Some opportunities were Krylova.

Stalin took Krylov October 24. When part of the conversation was attended by Molotov and Beria. The idea of female infantry units like Stalin. The red army in 1942 and suffered heavy losses, the notorious “Siberian divisions” were not infinite, and there is a good reserve of manpower. Moreover, the example of the most Krylova convinced a woman in infantry combat may not be less than men.

the Result of the conversation was the request of the defense Commissariat and the Central Committee of the Komsomol deal with the formation of women’s shooting part. 3, 1942, was published by the GKO, the formation of women’s volunteer rifle brigade. The name came up personally to Stalin. The brigade was to be formed by 1 February 1943. Unlike regular infantry units was to increase the number of people in antitank guns and artillery, the truck was supposed two drivers instead of one. And specifically the need to have autorate men’s team for loading and unloading operations of no less than 60 people. For the training of Junior officers in the brigade training battalion. The strength of the brigade – 6.983 fighter. Acquisition — exclusively of volunteers, as the Komsomol, and Comsomol, with strict selection of personnel. Furthermore, for the replenishment of the brigade of the framemi with combat experience, from the front spoke 1,000 women.

At the first stage command and the political composition of the brigade was formed from the men, middle and Junior commanders were women. The task was a speedy replacement by women in command positions.

the Selection of personnel for manning the brigade was engaged in the Komsomol Central Committee. In practice, the military has sent the order for the mobilization of Komsomol 19-26 years. All activities were controlled by the secretaries of district committees/city committees of the Komsomol.

Major Krylov became the Deputy brigade commander for combatant service.

on the eve of the battle of Kursk the female rifle brigade, still part of the Moscow military district, wanted to throw in front, then came the idea to transfer her to NKVD troops. The brigade was deployed in the Smolensk region, where she became a part of the troops guard the rear of the front. Female soldiers of the rifle brigade carried a patrol, took part in mass round-UPS during verification of documents, struggled with the saboteurs and bandits. The brigade was disbanded on 31 July 1944. By the time Vera Krylova was arrested by the NKVD after being denounced, her fate is unknown.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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