Why in the 1970-ies the Soviet Union was going to strike at South Africa

History 07/02/20 Photo: state.govЗачем in the 1970-ies the Soviet Union was going to strike at South Africa.

In the late 1970-ies Moscow was really going to strike at South Africa, and together with the United States. The reason for this decision was the information obtained by Soviet intelligence agent “Felix”. Under this code name was hidden and the naval officer Dieter Gerhardt.

Career agent “Felix”

How to write V. M. Lurie and V. Ya. Cochic in his book “GRU: deeds and people,” Dieter Gerhardt was born in 1935 in the family of a German architect, who in the years of economic depression emigrated from Germany to South Africa. However, the Dieter did not go in his father’s footsteps and became an officer in the Navy. In 1962 he, while on a business trip in the British capital, was to the Soviet Embassy and offered his services as a scout-illegal. In the words of Gerhardt, who was enlisted as a GRU agent “Felix”, to cooperate with the Soviet Union prompted his hatred of apartheid. Later he engaged in espionage and his wife Ruth.

the couple worked until 1983. It was then that Dieter Gerhardt, who went to the USA on business courses, was arrested in new York. According to Igor Damaskin, the author of the book “100 great scouts”, Gerhardt was exposed by the fault of the spy-traitor Polyakov. The weight of the evidence and the psychological pressure Dieter confessed, but insisted that not fought against South Africa and against apartheid. Nevertheless, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and his wife received 10 years of imprisonment. But in August 1992, Dieter Gerhardt was released: the fact that in the situation interfered with the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, who personally asked for “Felix” the head of South Africa Frederik W. de Klerk.

the Nuclear program of South Africa

After the exposure of Dieter Gerhardt the General public became known the details of his activities. If to believe Peter Lyukimson, the author of the publication “Exploration in Aramaic classified material victories and defeats,” in the 1960-ies, the South African authorities in order to maintain apartheid, attended the creation of nuclear weapons. Gerhardt, who was then an employee of the operations Department of the General staff of the army, advised defense Minister Pieter Botha to ask for help to Israel. Soon between the two countries was drawn up the Treaty. According to the document, Israel had expressed its readiness to assist South Africa in creating nuclear bombs in exchange for the uranium, diamonds and cash.

it is Clear that in a few weeks a copy of the contract has already been provided by Dieter Gerhardt, Soviet Union. Knew about the existence of this document and Leonid Brezhnev. Leonid Mlechin writes in his book “the History of foreign intelligence. Career and fate” has already been exposed Gerhardt claimed that Moscow and Washington have agreed to strike a joint blow by polygon, located in the Kalahari: they wanted to prevent the testing of nuclear weapons. That’s just the United States subsequently refused to act together with the Soviet Union. Therefore, the strike was not followed, but testing was still conducted.

Vela Incident

Indeed, in September 1979, one of the American satellite Vela 6911 recorded in the district of Islands belonging to South Africa, double flash, characteristic of the use of nuclear weapons. This episode is called “the Vela incident”. No country has claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, in 1994, Dieter Gerhardt in one of his interviews said that “the Vela incident” is nothing like the testing of nuclear bombs, which South Africa conducted jointly with Israel. These words of Gerhardt has resulted in the book “espionage Bomb: American nuclear intelligence from Nazi Germany to Iran” and Jeffrey Richelson (Jeffrey T. Richelson, “Spying on the Bomb: American Nuclear Intelligence from Nazi Germany to Iran”).

However, in nuclear cooperation of South Africa and Israel are suspected in 1979. ‘IzrāIl’skoe government was then offended by such accusations. Meanwhile, according to the book of Yevgeny Primakov, “the Story of a conspiracy”, Israeli journalist Dan Raviv, who said in Italy about the involvement of their homeland to the incident, banned from journalistic activity. “The Vela incident”, nuclear program and South Africa as a whole has had other consequences. That is the situation in South Africa became, according to Peter Lyukimson, the starting step to the campaign on disarmament, which launched a U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev.

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