Why Hitler wanted to resettle Slavs in Latin America

History 11/02/20 Why Hitler wanted to resettle Slavs in Latin America

Adolf Hitler had not planned total extermination of all “flawed” people. For several reasons it was impossible. But he hoped to isolate them from “Aryans” a more effective way – through settlement in remote parts of the planet.

Bad good Slav

the Issues of racial purity for the ideologues of the Third Reich first and foremost, Hitler was of paramount importance. The führer was convinced that “sins against blood and race” – the most terrible, and a nation that abuses them – is doomed to extinction. Russian researcher Boris Kovalev notes that immediately after coming to power the national socialists began to promote eugenics – the science of racial hygiene. According to Kovalev, the Nazis interpreted eugenics in particular as the science of determining the optimal proportions of higher and lower races.

Despite the fact that the Slavs along with Jews and Gypsies, according to the ideology of national socialism, belonged to “untermenchen” (sub-humans) the first time Hitler in his statements were never shown to them special bias: he disliked is that the Czechs, who have historically coexisted with the Austrians. The American historian John Connelly notes that in official documents, the Nazis didn’t built the Slavic peoples on the ladder of racial hierarchy, although in practice such a separation existed.

For example, Hitler was sympathetic to the Croats, considering them able to assimilate with the Germans, but the Serbs disliked. Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels had a close relationship with the Bulgarians, calling them “courageous people and our friends.” With the greatest contempt the Fuhrer belonged to the Slavic peoples of the Soviet Union, which had a quarter of a century has been poisoned “poison of iudobolshevizm”. Shortly before the invasion of the Soviet Union, Hitler told associates that the struggle between Russia and Germany is the struggle between the races.

Before the Second world war, Nazi ideology, probably, had formed views on the Slavic peoples. However, even after the seizure of Soviet territory their racial policy against the Slavs differed inconsistency. This was partly caused by the need to win the sympathy of the local population. For example, in October 1941 in Lubny of the Poltava region there was an announcement, in which the occupation authorities established the time and place of Assembly for persons of Jewish nationality. Here Russian and Ukrainians, they were called “Aryan inhabitants of the city” and urged them to denounce the Jews.

the Vast territory of the Soviet Union, Hitler planned to use under the German needs, as lands of Eastern Europe, in agreement with Mussolini was transferred to the Italian jurisdiction. What part of the Slavic population was to be destroyed, deported and what obviously was supposed to be in the final stages of the war, which, in the opinion of Hitler, was obliged to end the full and unconditional victory of the Reich.

Someone in the Urals, one in the consumption of

the Main document reflecting the vision of the fates of Germany’s Eastern territories and their populations, was “General plan East”. It was created by the Nazis in the regime of extreme secrecy for several years. There was no more than 15 copies of this document, in its details was devoted exclusively to the tip of the Reich. Mastermind is a German scientist-agrarian SS oberfuhrer Konrad Meyer-Hetling. In essence, the “General plan East” and remained a set of separate articles and sections, as in it up until the end of the war, several amendments and additions.

In October 1947, the Meyer-Hetling along with other senior officials of the Main Department of the SS’s race and settlement was brought before the Nuremberg Tribunal in the case of racial crimes. As the author of the “General plan OST” was threatened the most severe punishment – the death penalty. However, the formersenior oberfuhrer SS did everything to the true intentions of the Nazis became public. Luckily, the documents that were presented by the prosecution contained no direct evidence of deportation or elimination of the population of the conquered territories – it is only indirectly indicative of the table with obscure calculations.

the Accused managed to convince the court that all these figures represent the economic calculations that have not managed to bring to life. March 10, 1948 the Meyer-Hetling was sentenced to 2 years and 10 months imprisonment, but immediately released in the courtroom, as by this time have already served the appropriate punishment. The last years of his life he was engaged in the seed farm and taught at Hannover technical University. He died in 1973.

Only in 1977 in the National archives of the United States, among other captured documents was discovered the original “General plan East”, dated 28 may 1942. It contained much more information about the intentions of Nazi Germany in the occupied territories than in the documents referred to at the Nuremberg trials.

the Contents of a found document, in fact, repeated numerous statements of ideologists of the Reich for the Slavs, which they are expected to reduce considerably. The remainder were planning to emigrate to Siberia, while the Germans hoped that a deportee will not withstand the harsh conditions of the road and die before arrival at the destination. The Germans had to be sure that the surviving Slavs would not remain neither forces, nor the will, nor the resources to revive the Urals their own state and army.

the Slavic population was not designated in the European territory of Russia, which were subject to Germanization. It was planned to divide into four reyhskommisariata, subordinates the Eastern Ministry who have fulfilled the function of agro-industrial appendages, feeding the economy of “greater Germany”. The project is one of reichskommisariat – Ukraine – the Germans even managedand partially implemented.

According to the “General plan OST”, in the vastness of the new Germany, former Soviet occupied lands had to be no more than 14 million Ostarbeiters, the remaining 180 million lay or deportation or physical annihilation. The Slavic population, based on earlier statements by Heinrich Himmler, planned to reduce by 30 million people, though the tip of the Reich on this occasion did not come to a consensus, given the complexity of the elimination of a number of people.

For the purity of blood

during the Nuremberg trials appeared another document associated with the fate of the Eastern territories of the “new Germany.” Talking about “Comments and suggestions on the General plan OST”, authored by Erhard Wetzel, a lawyer, expert of the Ministry for the occupied Eastern territories according to the “Jewish question” in Alfred Rosenberg. The document includes four sections:

1) “General comments on the General plan OST”

2) “General remarks on the issue of Germanization, especially about the future to the inhabitants of the former Baltic States”;

3) “the solution of the Polish question”;

4) “the question of the future treatment of the Russian population”.

the First part is devoted to the issue of resettlement of the German population in Eastern territories, which should be implemented in stages. At the first stage it was planned to build a life of approximately 4.5 thousand of the Germans. The locals, mostly the Slavs as the assimilation to be expelled beyond the Urals. The Jews could not even count on the deportation – they waited for certain death. But the Baltic States, the author notes in the second section, as representatives of the “Nordic type” was a good fit for Germanization.

the Third and fourth parts of the “Observations” already closely relate to the fate of the Slavic population. According to Wetzel, if the Jewish question was solved relatively painlessly, with the Slavs fared harder. This primarily relates to the poles. “It is clear that the Polish question cannot be solved by eliminating the poles… This solution of the Polish question would be burdened forever the conscience of the German people and deprived us of all sympathy, and other neighbouring Nations began to fear that one fine day they will suffer the same fate,” writes Wetzel. As the most correct solution of the Polish question, the author notes proposes to move from Poland to 85% ethnic poles.

Also Wetzel considers the issue of deportation from their native lands around 65% of Ukrainians, 75% of Belarusians, 50% of Czechs. Some of the representatives of the latter two Nations, according to officials, it is fit for Germanization. The author notes objections to the complete elimination of the Russian population, as it is inappropriate for Germany on both political and economic considerations.

Except for Siberia, which is often called the German ideology as the territory most suitable for settlement of the Slavs, Wetzel mentions South America, in particular Brazil. It doesn’t look so fantastic idea, given that in June 1940 Franz Rademacher, head of the Jewish Department of the German foreign Ministry, offered to relocate Polish Jews to Madagascar, then a French colony. The Madagascar plan was canceled only in January 1942, when the Wannsee conference “territorial solution” of the Jewish question was replaced by his “final solution”.

the answer to the question, why did the idea of settlement of the Slavs, however, like the Jews, so far from the European territories lie on the surface. It can be heard in numerous speeches of the ideologists of the Reich. Here, for example, in November 1942 speech in high school SS Junkers in bad Tölz said at the time head of the RSHA, Heinrich Himmler

“You will be taken on site with plenty of foreign blood, because the Reich is very much stretched to the East. In this area live many people of different types. Be yourself and force your soldiers to be guardians and protectors of boatsTwas his blood mix with the blood of someone else.” The eviction of the “entremeses” away from the borders of the Reich, in the view of the apologists of Nazism, was the guarantee of preserving the purity of the Aryan race. But to proceed with the implementation of the objectives of Hitler and his associates were not meant to be.

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