Why did the Germans solemnly reburied Russian heroes of the Crimean war

History 11/01/20 Why the Germans solemnly reburied Russian heroes of the Crimean war

the Policy of industrialization in the Soviet Union demanded additional resources. With this purpose, the Bolshevik leadership began the removal of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the Orthodox churches and monasteries. For example, frustrated by padding with domes, melted the bells, to understand the Church’s altars. In the Crimea the local Bolsheviks decided to go even further.

February 23, 1933, the Commission of cultural Affairs of the city Council of Sevastopol, in the person of its Chairman A. Ibraimova, sanctioned the opening of the tombs of the Vladimir Cathedral which contained the remains of the Lazarev, Kornilov, Istomin, Nakhimov and nine admirals of the black sea fleet. The same fate awaited the graves of participants of the Russian-Turkish conflict of 1877-1878, the Crimean, the Japanese, the First world war. The main purpose of opening the graves of Russian soldiers was zinc, which was made from coffins.

Zinc coffins on cans

In January 1934 the head of the Crimean trust “Scrap”, Vladimirov, asked the Council of Sevastopol the authorisation to 150 of zinc coffins from the fraternal military graves in which were buried thousands of participants of the Crimean war. In this necropolis are buried many members of defence of Sevastopol, after the war, lived outside of Crimea, but after his death, wished to lie near the comrades.

the Permission was granted and withdrawn part of the zinc sold canning plant “Hammer and Sickle”, and the inspector Bartle who made the sale, for the realization of important for the defense industry raw materials, got a penalty. After that, a zinc forgot, and by the fall of 1935, at the Sebastopol city cemetery, under the open sky lay 200 coffins. Part of the remains that are left without coffins cemetery workers buried in mass graves.

the Reburial of the remains of the

In the first days of July 1942Yes, Nazi troops occupied Sevastopol and for propaganda purposes the occupation administration decided to make the honorary reburial of the soldiers. Thus, the Germans demonstrated to the city that they are not fighting with the Russians, but against the Bolsheviks. Although on 16 July 1941 a meeting with senior military commanders of the Reich, Hitler declared that the Crimea — German native land and all outsiders from the Peninsula should evict.

In the collaborationist newspaper “Voice of Crimea” was published an article by a former captain of the red army, Stanislavsky, in which the author wrote that on July 27, 1942, a solemn reburial of the remains of Russian soldiers, whose ashes “Bolshevist vandals” was thrown out of the coffins. The funeral was attended by local residents, the German soldiers, officers and generals.

the Husband of German blood

Special attention at the funeral, was paid to the remains of the adjutant General Eduard Totleben, a military engineer, Baltic German and member of the Crimean war. After the Orthodox Liturgy by the chief of Sevastopol Lieutenant-Colonel Gong said: “the Tomb Totleben was destroyed and robbed. The German command believes was a debt of honour to restore the desecrated tomb of a Totleben, the ingenious Builder of the fortress of Sevastopol. The German armed forces honor in the face of Totleben is not only a famous General, outstanding military engineer of the nineteenth century, but also the husband of German blood”.

Totleben German occupation administration had planned to make a new Martyr, whose memory was desecrated for the Bolshevik regime. The name General was going to call the Historical Boulevard of Sevastopol, and after the war, in the Crimean University to establish for mathematicians award Totleben. In the mansion, where lived a German military commander wanted to create a house of war veterans.

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