Why did the Bolsheviks hid the execution of the Royal family

History 23/02/20 Why the Bolsheviks hid the execution of the Royal family

the Soviet power for a very long time concealed the information related to the murder of the Royal family. Published in the official press, published two days after these events, was that it was shot Nikolay. About the fate of his family for a long time nothing was said, and the information seeped into the public field was quite controversial.

the Official Soviet lie

an Official announcement of SNK and VTSIK appeared on 19 July 1918 in the newspaper “Izvestia” and “Pravda”. It was said that Nicholas II was shot by sentence of the Presidium of the Ural regional Council, and his wife and son allegedly transported to another location. About the king’s daughters and the servants did not say anything. This is all the more strange that the leaders of the Bolsheviks at that time knew everything.

In a telegram sent to Lenin and Sverdlov from Ekaterinburg 17 Jul, been said about the fate that befell the entire Royal family. However, on July 20, in response to the request of the Chairman of Urlabsolute Alexander Beloborodov, is it possible to make public the entire list to be executed, the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee Yakov Sverdlov allowed to report only what was published in the Central Newspapers.

not only that, the Bolsheviks were silent about the fate of the Empress, and heir cesarean. They launched a campaign of disinformation of the world community. Already on July 24, 1918, in response to the urgent representations of the German Embassy (Nicholas II is, after all, had the Kaiser’s cousin), Commissar for foreign Affairs Georgy Chicherin formally notified that Alexandra and the Royal children evacuated to Perm, and their lives are not threatened.

moreover, until September, 1918, the Bolsheviks led the negotiations with Germany on the release and export of the Royal family! Deserves attention and what information about the execution of the entire family of Nicholas II has long been exclusive only several senior party leaders and were not reported for many of the high officials of the Soviet state! For example, the Ambassador of Soviet Russia in Germany, Adolf Ioffe especially long time did not say anything about the execution of the Royal family on the personal orders of Lenin. The story even kept the exact wording of Vladimir Ilyich “nothing to tell Ioffe, so that it was easier to lie”.

the Official denial of the murder of the Queen and children lasted until 1922. Published in 1921 a collection of about a revolution in the Urals, published an article about the last days and about the execution of the Royal family of one of her jailers, the former Chairman of Urlabsolute Pavel Bykov. All its copies were immediately confiscated and destroyed. But to hide the truth from year to year was becoming increasingly difficult. In 1926, the same Bulls, by the official instructions of the party, wrote a book about those events.

Ambiguous and belated consequence of

Long lasting success of the official Soviet lies about the salvation of the wife and children of Nicholas II contributed to the fact that whites in the brief period when they took Ekaterinburg, not had time to fully investigate and publicize the results. Although the investigation into the disappearance of the Royal family began at the end of July 1918, a few days after joining the city of white troops, no official statements about its course are made. In the press slipped only vague allusions to murder all the relatives of the former Emperor. They successfully competed rumors about the salvation of the Royal family.

This contributed to the fact that the white consequence immediately went in two directions. Officially conduct the investigation was initially entrusted to the examining magistrate Alex Nametkina, and soon a member of the Ekaterinburg district court to Sergeev Ivan. However, the case involved the chief of criminal investigation Department Alexander Kirsta supervised over. So he is not underfoot, he was sent to Perm to check Soviet reports of the contents there of the Royal family.

Kirsta supervised over, according to his assertions, was attacked by nand mark and even questioned witnesses, personally communicated in Perm with the Royal children, in particular – the doctor who allegedly treated in September 1918, the Princess Anastasia. In April 1919 Kirste was forbidden to conduct further investigation, he was recalled to Yekaterinburg.

By this time appointed Kolchak in February 1919, the investigator for particularly important cases of the Omsk regional court Nikolay Sokolov has built his version of the destruction of all members of the Imperial family with Nicholas II. However, Sokolov failed to bring the investigation to end, because already on July 11, 1919, in connection with the offensive of the red army, he was forced to leave Ekaterinburg. In exile, the falcons continued to work and in 1924 he released a (French) book “Investigative materials about murder of the Russian Imperial family.”

Why is it said and why believe

Only from the book of Sokolov, in fact, the broader immigrant community got the confirmation the version about the destruction of the Bolsheviks, the whole family of Nicholas II, and along with his brother Michael and many other members of the dynasty. But managed (with the help of Soviet agents) to spread rumors about saving someone from the Royal children was not to stifle anything. The Empress Maria Feodorovna – the mother of Nicholas II until his death in 1928, believed that one of her granddaughters lives incognito somewhere in Russia.

Faith of many immigrants in the miraculous salvation of the Tsar’s children is clear. And how can you explain that the Soviet government long time did not recognize the fact committed her crimes? The first obvious explanation – that this crime really could not be a rational justification nor face the world community with which the Bolsheviks, Willy-nilly, were forced to initiate contact, nor before the Russian “working people”. In fact, let the king was guilty, argued by many who sympathized with the Soviet power, but where are his children?

the Bolsheviks must have tried to remove foreign dividends from rumors the widow and children of Nicholas II are still alive to be released. It was as if the last trump card in any negotiations, as long as the other party is satisfied (it’s too late for her) that this card – cheating.

that same summer of 1918, after the assassination of the left SRS, the German Ambassador in Moscow, the Soviet government to prevent the German invasion, had to go pay Germany a large indemnity, including gold. It is possible that it was trying to play on the fact that the Royal children – the great-nephews of the Kaiser – remain as a kind of hostage. Whether this is so is unknown, but in any case, provided the indemnity was not paid until the end of Germany by the Soviet government.

Yaroslav Butakov

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