Who taught Russian soldiers to attack with a naked torso

Another 27/12/19 Who taught Russian soldiers to attack with a naked torso

In combat with the enemy Russian soldiers for centuries showed miracles of bravery, ingenuity and sacrifice, continuing to resist even in the most desperate situations. In the end, the enemy had the impression that Russian soldiers have some kind of cherished military secret, which gives him strength.

On the battlefields of the Russian soldiers every time he surprised the enemy with things that no one else did.

Into battle shirtless

to Go on the attack with a naked torso or in one underwear is a common Russian military tradition. So were going to die. When the soldiers found themselves in a desperate situation, as a sign of contempt for death, of closeness to God and demonstrate willingness to fight to the end, and just to make it easier, they threw off the robe and went to attack.

the Roots of this tradition goes back to ancient Scandinavia and Germany when the Viking Berserkers had driven themselves to distraction and went into battle bare chested. Over time, they have this tradition disappeared, and we left. As says British historian Robert Kershaw, author of the works “Birch crosses instead of iron”, in world in certain branches of the armed forces was eye-catching underwear – vest. Sailors and Marines went on the attack, vests, shouting “look out!”, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Last bullet

Another military custom, which there is a Russian soldier is to leave the last bullet or grenade for myself. This tradition is also connected with the critical situation when the fighter was surrounded enemies, but I couldn’t resist, for example, was mortally wounded.

there were cases when rescue and evacuation was impossible. Often in such situations, the soldiers decided to shoot himself or blow himself up with a grenade, to not be captured. The special distribution, this tradition semichila after the war in Afghanistan, where prisoners Russian was particularly cruel attitude. Soldiers went on this step to prevent torture, to deprive the enemy of ability to see themselves as a fallen spirit, and to avoid claims from relatives of redemption.

Running long distance

“Hard to exercise – easy in battle” – Suvorov military Maxim is still relevant. Even in modern conflicts technique may not always come to the rescue and transport soldiers from point “A” to point “B”.

Often, legs is the only transport that remains the soldier and they bear the main burden. In the book Anatoly Tarasov and Fedor Zarutsky “Preparation of the scout: system of special troops GRU” they say that the ability for a long time and to move quickly especially necessary for spies and saboteurs operating behind enemy lines. After blasting or coating on some important object, they urgently need to leave the area. A few hours of running it is necessary to overcome about 50 kilometers.

Improvised “stimulants”

This item stratagems flows smoothly from the previous one. Here we will talk about what stimulants used by soldiers to facilitate the accomplishment of the mission. It is worth to mention that it will not go on some special pharmacological chemistry. Among the strongest armies in the world Armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Israel defense forces – two unique structures that don’t sell massively their soldiers combat drugs. We will focus on more domestic ways and tricks used by the soldiers.

In the previously mentioned book “Training scout”, when described in the preceding paragraph March-throw soldiers, feeling tired, put under the tongue a piece of chocolate, sugar or caramel, which gives a quick boost of power. Glucose, which gets the body, is the “fuel” in carbohydrate metabolism, helping faster break down nutrients and get energy from them. By the way, Afghanistan in the same “spirits” is also used in similar ways. Instead of sugar they hoarded sugar cane and IzzyM.

When they marched thirsty and to drink water there is no way soldiers put into the language of a small pebble. Oddly enough, its presence allows you to fool the receptors in the brain creating the feeling that the person is drinking and at the time drowns out the thirst.

water Breathing

Very often, being in ambush, or hiding from persecution, soldiers need to hide from the enemy. Our ancestors used a trick that allowed you to hide from the pursuing enemy. If there was a pond or a swamp, the soldiers took in my mouth the tube of the cane and breathing through them until the enemy forces ran from them in a few meters, about anything without knowing it.

By the way, this method is used not only military but also civilians, when during the great Patriotic war in their village and the village came the German invaders. Moreover, this method was able to hide the babies, which could give the hidden people of his crying. They inserted tubes in his mouth, closing his nose with his hand and dropped under the water to hide the noise.

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