Who still uses Soviet weapons of the great Patriotic

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After the Second world war, the Soviet army is actively rearming. More and more weapons and equipment was recognized as obsolete. A significant portion went to the warehouses in the mobilization of the strategic reserve. Quite a large number failed to sell, or at least with the benefit to give to the various countries, which the Soviet leadership regarded as allies. And some of the weapons of the war not only remains in service, but even actively used.

the Most notable, of course, is the Soviet T-34 tank. In the first years after the war, he prepared a replacement, but even in the Soviet Army he was officially in service until the collapse of the Soviet Union, though was kept in warehouses.

Some countries use the T-34 until now. Among them there is a very advanced state like North Korea.

In Yemen, the T-34 and is now involved in the fighting. The beginning of the war in 2014 in the Yemeni army had three dozen “thirty”, and even such rarities as the self-propelled unit SU-100. Three dozen of these self-propelled guns were used as antitank weapons. The Yemeni army is actually a collection of Soviet weapons and equipment of the great Patriotic war.

Also mentioned Yemen and North Korea, according to the Handbook, “The Military Balance”, the T-34 in 2017, was in service of the Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Vietnam, Cuba, Namibia and Laos. In most of these countries are “thirty” for several years are reserve. But in the army of Laos until 2018 they are actively exploited, and 30 cars were transferred back to Russia in working condition. Officially they were to be used for parades and on film. Which is weird, because in Russia and on “Mosfilm” a large number of serviceable tanks and bases in Leningrad region is not less than TLti dozen T-34 tanks and self-propelled guns SU-100 has. And if you collect all the tanks that are used in our country like monuments, they are enough to conquer a small European country.

Less known, but much more common weapon in the world is a 122-mm howitzer model 1938, often referred to as the factory index M-30. Currently, this howitzer is used in all conflicts: in Syria, in Yemen, in Sudan. Easy to find photos on the Internet where these tools uses the Syrian army.

According to the magazine “Foreign military review”, the howitzer is in service with the armies of fifteen countries, not including the former republics of the Soviet Union. And then there are the dozen States that use the Chinese copy of the Soviet weapon. Moreover, the expense of these howitzers, not even in the tens. In Egypt there are about three hundred.

About the former Soviet republics and former Warsaw Pact countries and say nothing. In Ukraine, the howitzer though officially decommissioned, but during the civil war in the Donbas actively used. Unsurprisingly, on the territory of Donbass there are huge stocks of Soviet weapons during the war.

Less common but also is actively used and is armed with 152-mm howitzer model 1943. And even though she is more of a caliber, but can be considered the younger sister of the howitzer M-30, because it was created by installing a 152-mm barrel on the carriage 122-mm howitzer.

Another weapon of the Second world, which is less common is the 76 mm gun model 1942. Its also often called the factory index ZIS-3. Now these guns remained a little — according to directories, there are in the armies of Namibia, the Sudan, Nicaragua and Cambodia. But, as show footage of the news, in Yemen these guns too. And in the Donbass they are also used.

still possible to meet the Soviet anti-aircraft guns. As 37-mm automatic guns model 1939, and the 85-mm gun model 1939. 37-millimeter anti-aircraft guns are in service in more than two dozen countries. Most of all in Algiers, where their one hundred and fifty, more than a hundred guns in Tanzania. 85-mm guns are much rarer and often do not specify the number of antiaircraft weapons. But these guns are widely used for fireworks, and they acquired a new specialty — one of them is shot in the mountains accumulations of snow to trigger avalanches.

to kill artillery, it is necessary to note a large number of mortars of different calibers. Accurate data on the use of Soviet mortars it during the war to bring impossible in the armies of most countries, they are not isolated in the overall statistics. But as the Soviet Union supplied to other countries, primarily older weapons, we can safely say that many 82-millimetre and 120-millimetre mortars in Syria and Yemen, which are now widely used in the fighting, once tried to shoot the Nazis.

Even 10-12 years ago the list of weapons would end the famous submachine gun PPSH, but now all the armies he has finally gone to the warehouse. Although the war in the Donbass it recently successfully applied.

Cyril Shishkin

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