When Stalin personally came to the front in the Great Patriotic

History 15/02/20 When Stalin personally came to the front in the Great Patriotic

Modern attempts to rewrite and distort history sometimes comes to the absurd. In some pseudo-historical publications, comparing Hitler and Stalin, leading to arguments that Hitler, unlike Stalin, was left on the current front. In fact, in the archives, now after so many years, declassified, contains very specific feedback. That Hitler was never on the front line and went into the army solely on the occupied territory. Stalin with his bet repeatedly visited the area of active hostilities, and in the most difficult and anxious first months and years of war.

the archives contains many records of eyewitnesses of those events. For example, information reports from the adjutant of Marshal Voronova, senior Lieutenant I. A. Sokolov on how to arrive at the headquarters of the Western front and the Kalinin front in 1941-1943 General met there personally I. V. Stalin. Naturally, such visits were not pompously furnished, they took place in an atmosphere of extreme secrecy, because the enemy at that time was on our territory. To confirm this you can examine archival records from V. Zhilyaeva, research associate, Centre for public relations of Federal security service of the Russian Federation for reception of visitors the President in the Kremlin. At 22.30 the first of August 1941, Stalin left his office but returned on 5 August at 21.55. This time coincides with the documentary descriptions of the evidence of the Supreme commander in the army.

Fixed and other facts of personal presence of Stalin on the front. In 1941-1942, he was called for defensive positions in the area of Solnechnogorsk, Mozhaisk, Zvenigorod, was in the 16th army Rokossovskogo on the Volokolamsk direction. There are documents which the observation of a combat operation the BM-13 (the legendary “Katyusha”) on the front of the army Rokossovskogo. And picLe famous parade on red Square November 7, 1941, I went to personally inspect arrived from Siberia division, who immediately descended on the front line in the “hell” of the Moscow defensive operation. In the book “the Stalin front” his personal guard Rybin leads the facts visit Stalin the 316th division of General I. V. Panfilov directly before the fight. Trips to the army was continued in 1942-1943 There are reports of generals Yeremenko and Sokolovsky that Stalin personally met on-site with the commanders of fronts, analyzed the situation, participated in the development of plans for military operations, evaluated the logistics of the army.

All of these trips were no less than 10. There is no precise data, because all of them were carried out in the regime of extreme secrecy, because Stalin went to the front in the most difficult and dangerous moments for the country in the Inferno. Only the representatives of the Supreme command was the world war II on the fronts of more than 60 times, 157 times, the Supreme commander accepted the reports on the upcoming operations of the front commanders, 1413 times – representatives of the General staff of the army.

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