ARCHIV - Ein Asphaltschaden wird auf der Autobahn A5 unweit des Frankfurter Kreuzes von der Straßen- und Autobahnmeisterei Frankfurt mit Kaltmischgut repariert (Foto vom 12.04.2012). Mit einem milliardenschweren Programm will die Bundesregierung marode Straßen und Brücken sanieren sowie Autobahnen ausbauen. Foto: Arne Dedert/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

What is going on in the land of poets and THINKERS? And what are the politicians thinking? Our infrastructure. Our schools. Our authorities. Our bureaucracy.

Matchless. Ukrainian refugees are rubbing their eyes at what’s going on here, everything that’s not possible, not digitally. At least not in the way one would expect from one of the world’s leading industrial nations.

our energy. What will be missing here in the near future, and then we can afford to discuss whether we can afford to (re)start power plants? In the summer it’s good to be calm.

Our lanes. Our bridges. Our airports. Our highways.

Everywhere you look, problems. Inadequacy. Discontent. How long is it going to go on with so little going on?

Our web. Our telephony. Our dead spots. Our missing database.

It takes forever to list what does NOT work. If you want to save time, simply list what WORKS!

Don’t point the finger of arrogance at other countries. It is better. to look around in the many countries of this world – from north to south – to see what works/works better/is more sustainable there. From Estonia to Senegal.

Living beyond your means is fine for a while, as long as you can use up a wealth cushion. At some point it will be over and the loss of prosperity can be concealed less and less. We are at this point now – and would be there even without the Ukraine crisis.

But it’s like this: The world’s fourth largest economy needs a functioning administration, one with technology and speed, one that masters both and is not dominated by problems – so that it can assert itself against other locations.

The strongest state in Europe needs a policy that prevents delays and promotes decisions. Not to mention the fight against corona and support for Ukraine. Procrastination leads to failure.

So far the ideal case. Instead: Germany Zauderland. Reorganization case Federal Republic. The Fax Republic. And the new territory? Waiting over the horizon. Almost a comforting thought.