What the Soviet soldiers defected to the Afghan

History 03/02/20 What Soviet soldiers defected to the Afghan “dushmans”

According to the Russian Union of veterans, by 15 February 1989 missing number 334 soldier. In 2009 “the Russian newspaper” has published the final list in which there were 266 families. According to military intelligence, 64 soldier of the Soviet army were considered deserters. In 1989, these individuals fell under the “Amnesty to the perpetrators of the crime ex-servicemen contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan”, but most of them never returned Home.

the circumstances of the desertion

Some deserted due to the belief in injustice of the war in Afghanistan. In an interview, the native of Kharkov Nikolai Pirogov, defected in 1981, claimed to have witnessed the shooting of Soviet soldiers dozen residents of a mountain village. The Afghans Vyrodov converted to Islam, were trained in explosives and was a bodyguard of the warlord-I-Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who later was twice Prime Minister of the country.

unable to withstand the hazing, private Alexander Levenets deserted together with a friend, Valery Lump. The fugitives had converted to Islam and fought against the troops of the USSR. According to other sources, they fled because of the threat to a prison term for trade with local Afghans. Soldier Sergei Krasnopyorov, called the Mound, was charged with the command in the illegal sale of military property. In 1984, he deserts to the Afghan people, accept Islam and a new name Nur Mohammad. The Mujahideen Krasnoperov-Mohammad was involved in the repair of machine guns and mortars, and was the personal bodyguard of field commander Abdul-Rashid Dostum.

In the context of the Afghan war, the term “deserter” due to the lack of reliable information vague and unspecific. Often Soviet soldiers were taken prisoner and are already there, saving the life of or imbued with the ideas of Islam and the Mujahideen took up arms or just has remainedis to live among the Afghans.

the Revealing story of an ordinary 101st infantry regiment, Uzbek, Bahritdin Khakimova. In 1980 in Herat, he received a severe wound, was picked up by local residents, who came out of it. After recovery, the average Khakimov took the name Sheikh Abdullah and continued to live among Afghans.

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