What the security officers wanted to shoot of Ivan Poddubny in 1920

History 16/02/20 what the security officers wanted to shoot of Ivan Poddubny in 1920

One of the most striking episodes of the biopic “Poddubny” can be called a stage in the Lombard American Jew, which the Russian wrestler brings its own rewards. The athlete expects to get the money to buy a ticket on the steamer, but gets for their cups and belts a mere pittance. Meanwhile, in real life relations of Ivan Poddubny with the Jews was not easy. Few people know that the life of the “champion of Champions” could fall in the dungeons of the Cheka in Odessa, where Poddubny came as the alleged perpetrator of pogroms.

the Incident in Odessa

During the Civil war, Poddubny continued to perform in circuses South of Russia, and early in 1920, appeared in Odessa. A port city, has long had a reputation as a “Jewish capital,” the Bolsheviks almost completely at the mercy of national minorities, which accounted for 40% of the population of Odessa. The Odessa Cheka was headed by Boris Yuzefovich-North, who ruthlessly shot the enemies of Soviet power, and criminals. In addition, the main Odessa security officer was a real storm of anti-Semites. The staff of the “Cheka,” they arrested everyone who was related to hostile action against the Jews.

One day, security officers raided and a circus Poddubny, having the testimony of the fighter allegedly participated in the massacres and even organized them. Without thinking, the investigators sentenced famous athlete to death. For someone else, this probably would have all ended. But Ivan Poddubny was considered the pride of Russia, his figure was very recognizable. Many of the security officers at the time also went to see a circus fight. And for white propaganda shot Poddubny would be a trump card. Therefore, in the case of “king of fighters” decided to investigate more thoroughly. And for good reason. It turned out that the riots were actually accused does not Poddubny, and another wrestler who wore Pohochew surname Podorov. In the end, the legendary athlete was released. As for Podobovo, he was already out of reach for the Odessa KGB, so managed to flee abroad together with the whites.

“to save the help of the Odessa provincial Extraordinary Commission of inquiry, dated 20 February 1920, rehabilitate Poddubny,” said the Soviet author of a biography of a fighter Dmitry Zhukov.

Could Poddubny to be an anti-Semite?

apparently, the accusation of anti-Semitism Poddubny really could only arise out of confusion. Jews Ivan Maksimovic lived side by side since childhood. Bogoduhovka, where the future hero was born, was a village, and there lived many Jews who held stalls and Inns. For the Zaporozhye Cossacks, the origin of which was proud of Poddubny, hatred of Jews was unusual. In the historic Cossack papers mention such names as Izraitel, Zhidenko, and others. However, according to the religion these people clearly had Jewish ancestors, were Christians. However, the Cossacks of the Zaporozhian Sich could not live without Jewish trade and resourceful in business. Not by chance “courageous” Jankel in Gogol’s “Taras Bulba” drops the following sentence:

“I’m taking every necessary supply for the Cossacks, and the road will deliver any food for a cheap price, what’s more neither Jew did not sell”.

Constantly faced Poddubny with the Jews, and later, even though the fighters among the people from the towns there was virtually no (some sources mention, however, about the Jewish roots of Georg Lurikh and Alexander Kasperovich). Note that the point here was not some special “disportionate” middle East people. Suffice it to recall that in American wrestling, which is a kind of development of circus of the struggle of the early XX century, shone with such fighters as bill Goldberg or Simon Lawrence, who performed under the “Russian” alias Boris Malenko.

Another argument in favor of the fact that Ivan Maksimovic did not suffer national progressudkapi his dignified behavior during the Second world war. Poddubny did not accept the offer of collaboration with the Nazis, although he worked as a billiard marker in Yeisk, where he was attended by German officers.

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