What Khrushchev shot pilot hero Peter Poloz

History 31/01/20 what Khrushchev shot pilot hero Peter Poloz

There are several versions commit this strange crime. Not less interesting is the motivation of the judge passes a death sentence – I believe that he gave the indication directly from the CPSU Central Committee.

According to the information-analytical publication “Crimean echo”, a military pilot Piotr Poloz scored in the battles at Khalkhin Gol, shooting down Japanese aircraft and was awarded the order of Lenin. In the Great Patriotic officer was promoted to squadron commander and the rank of Colonel. In total during the second world war He made several dozen combat missions, was wounded repeatedly, burned in his downed fighter jet. According to various sources, he personally shot down 7 to 13 Nazi planes.

the Gold Star of Hero Peter Poloz received in early 1942 for participating in the defense of Odessa. From mid-1942 he was instructor service, which was transferred after a serious wound received in one of the sorties. After retirement He lived in Kiev, he served in the civil aviation.

As he wrote in his book “the Executed heroes of the Soviet Union” Timur Bartkowski, Peter Poloz was quite a complicated relationship with women. Bortakovskiy cites that the Colonel was married four times, first time before the war. However, these marriages each time was short lived from a quick-tempered Snake, constantly the only person shown to their wives. The book writer has memories of acquaintances and friends Hero of the Soviet Union, which mention his constant suspicion and distrust of the female sex.

Bortakovskiy gathered the information indicating that the last wife of Peter the Snake could play a fatal role in the double murder, committed by a pilot.

In the book “Shot by the heroes of the Soviet Union” are the memories of one of his colleagues PEtra Slides telling about his life in 1962, in the months before the tragedy, as well as excerpts from a media interview of the lawyer of the defendant. Taken together, these data only partly shed light on what happened the day of the murder.

a Colleague claimed that the Snake at that time divorced his last wife, but she continued to live with him in same apartment. After another conflict, the woman allegedly contributed to the hospitalization of a retired officer in a psychiatric hospital, where his rescued comrade, used their connection. The snake was in a depressed state, complaining about his ex-wife.

the snake Killing the two people that occurred in the summer of 1962, happened during the feast. The guard of the head of state Khrushchev Fomichev Kiev apartment was in the same stairwell of an apartment building, that of the Snake. Lawyer Simon Ostrovsky, defended the Hero of the Soviet Union at the trial, in one of his interviews talked about the presence of many dark spots in the history of this conflict. Though in convictions and it was said that Peter the Snake shot from a hunting rifle Fomichev and his wife because of jealousy and revenge, the case was filed the results of the examination about the presence of accused of paranoid schizophrenia, to the end to find out the motives of a retired officer and failed.

the Snake about the reasons for his act did not apply, his ex-wife also mentioned them in passing, without going into details. Ostrovsky believed that the investigation and trial and had not taken any action to clarify data details, and it would be necessary – in the opinion of counsel, that the woman provoked the tragedy. The lawyer rests in court that the double murder was committed in the heat of passion, recalled the heroic past of Peter Snake. However, according to him, the accused not only supported the defence case, but on the contrary, said in his final statement that he wants his shot, he deserved it. In the end, when making the sentence of execution of the convict, the court found no circumstances that would mitigate his guilt.

Ostrovsky noticed that from the beginning the criminal case brought against Peter of Snake, was on special control of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Khrushchev valued Fomichev and clearly followed the progress of the investigation. This is indirectly confirmed by the Prosecutor General Rudenko, who considered the protests at the death sentences handed down – Ostrovsky was with him at the reception.

a few months after the verdict Peter Poloz was shot. Posthumously he was deprived of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

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