What is wrong in Lugansk tragedy?

the Ukrainian border guards were awake. And can’t was going. To include the anthem of Ukraine from the speakers louder, they repulsed the attack. Then the militia came at least 400 people reinforcements, which — attention! — spread out not somewhere, and in most of these residential buildings, taking fire from rooftops and Windows.

I Want to believe that sleeping, going to work or just living their lives Luhansk felt “joy” when they saw on the threshold of “armed forces representative LC” with a machine gun in his hands: “Bingo! In your apartment now firing point, man. Are you happy? Come on, get out!”.

What was the cause of the siege of the border guards?

All points of view were voiced by Russian and Ukrainian media. Point LC (and Russian media): nidovirales the Ukrainian border and “pravoseki” began to bombard the quarter of “peace” and the militia had to protect them from civilians. The point of view of Ukraine (and, it seems, the entire world community): militants stormed, the guards were protected.

the territory of the border detachment with the Orthodox chapel is located in the lowlands. On both sides of the flats. And on the other side? Road and steppe.

Though the fire was conducted from machine guns, mortars, grenade launchers, until 15.00, it was known only about the wounded (from the Ukrainian border). How many were killed in the camp of the militia of mystery. What is more important.

to this day, a wide audience is invited to watch the video that APU shny attack came just so and ripped for women who lunch, and children, lepelsk in square cakes. It is important to understand that, in any case, false.

If you start fighting in a city with a population of half a million, you do not need to be a military strategist of the level of Zhukov to understand among the civilian population, which you hide behind will be the victim

the Building of Lugansk regional administration is 9.1 km from the site Lugansk border detachment. And, as a minimum, all 14.5 hours in the city of fierce fighting, and apartments of civilians have been gun emplacements.

This conflict is not a coronavirus, of course. No reason to run somewhere at breakneck speed, or to evacuate civilians, hiding it in a bomb shelter during the Second world war. But just wondering – what has puzzled authorities, who knew that in the city there is a fierce battle, the Ukrainian border guards and militias Lugansk?

What was happening there, in the building of the regional administration, which at 15.00 was applied missile and bomb strikes. Valery Bolotov, head of the then-Governor, did not ask. He died in January 2017. No. Not in Lugansk. In Moscow. No. Not a bloody paw SBU. Detached sclerotic plaque.

But we know for certain: the regional administration was informed about the attack this morning. Who? Attacked the frontier. And this administration, while in the midst of war, 9 kilometers and 100 meters from the battlefield, gave the warring parties “to resolve the issue on their own.”

Say, God bless you guys, natural selection. The first reaction of the “people’s Governor” Bolotov followed only on June 3, 2014, when he said that if the border guards will not give up in the evening, their “will erase from the face of the earth.”

But back in June 2nd. Ukrainian ATO-person sent to help the lost frontier, the su-25. Do not think that we are trying to shield the “Ukrainian junta”. Such formality, as “the lives of civilians, women and children” interested person, ordered the use of military aircraft in Lugansk as much as fighters (militias, separatists), who began the day a combat operation in a residential neighborhood

“Scattered,” as will be described later, of the attackers, Ukrainian pilot went to the second round. Together with him performed two checkpoints of the militias of the Mi-24 helicopters of army aviation. Versions of what happened next, lots. Ukrainian — MSABC several. One of them in the Ukrainian plane the militia shoot from the set in the square of MANPADS. However, issued a “Boom” in some diabolical way pulled coming from the air conditioner on the building of the regional administration of heat — Bang!

Despite the tragedy of the situation, on version all laughed. “Heat from the air conditioner” had to come no less than 900 o C. And is the temperature of the furnace of the crematorium, and not the “conder”. Moreover, there are no air conditioners in the photo of the building of the regional administration to find and could not

On the other (again, Ukrainian!) “the militants were pampered with guns” in the building and detonated themselves. Do you like it? Well, in General, also for near. On the third (APU spread rumors among the people), having to detect the start of “Arrow,” the Ukrainian responded with retaliatory launch thermal rockets-traps and sharply went up. And the regional administration flew and “Arrow”, and heat-seeking missiles. Warmer.

the Russian version (in different interpretations) one: it was a deliberate attack, “the Ukrainian fascist junta” with the intent to cause maximum damage to the civilian population: women, playing in the Park children, bystanders, returning from lunch, grandmothers-old woman, yesterday’s soldiers-internationalists who refused to take part in the fighting flatly, but going to the form.

But inconsistent breath “streamer” Alex, with all his harrying the place of tragedy, “whispers” that “picture for “the devil” this day was most important. But if it wasn’t needed, that was plenty of time to evacuate civilians away from those buildings, which in the course of any war the enemy tries to strike first.

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