What is the harm struck to the defense of the USSR in the Great Patriotic war Marshal Kulik

History 09/02/20 Kind of damage inflicted defense of the USSR in the Great Patriotic war Marshal Kulik

23 August 1950 on charges of “organizing anti-Soviet conspiratorial group” was shot by a former Marshal of the Soviet Union Grigory Kulik. The rank of Marshal, he was denied even during the great Patriotic war. Black strip for him lasted for the last eight years of his life.

no One spoke well of him

In 1957, Kulik was posthumously rehabilitated by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. However, this effect was not accompanied by the rehabilitation of the Sandpiper in public opinion. All colleagues he remained in the memory as one of those who were responsible for the poor state of the red Army in the summer of 1941.

the Chief Marshal of artillery (at that time Colonel-General) Nikolay Voronov, who served under the command of the Sandpiper before the war, recalled that the late Marshal was rude and ignorant person. However, he considered himself infallible, behaved with great aplomb and acted on subordinates with threats. The instructions he gave, in their ignorance, confusing, but promised to court-martialed for their failure.

Marshal Alexander Vasilevsky wrote that Kulik “could neither command an army, or to act as a representative Rate. And determined that lack of training, personal qualities. He’s just out of place.” But in 45 years this man became Marshal of the Soviet Union.

Man Voroshilov

Grigory Ivanovich Kulik came from poor peasants of Poltava. In the First World war he was promoted to artillery non-commissioned officer and got George for his heroic act. Its origin led to its selection in the revolution of 1917 – together with the Bolsheviks. In the red Army he became friendly with Voroshilov and Stalin. It helped him in his future career.

Stalin appreciated Kulik. In January 1938 the leader had deputies Inthe Supreme Soviet of the USSR, among whom was Kulik. Stalin said to his prominent role as military adviser in Spain, where the artist, in the opinion of the leader, organized the brilliant work of the artillery in the defense of Madrid. In the war with Finland Kulik was one of those whose work caused the approval of Stalin. May 7, 1940, one of the few high-ranking military, he was promoted to Marshal.

Damage on the post of chief of the GAU

Since 23 may 1937 19 June 1941, Kulik headed the Main artillery Directorate (GAU) of the red army. He was directly responsible for equipping Soviet forces with new systems, new artillery weapons. It was the most responsible, the key four years to prepare for the defense of the USSR. What we have done during this time Kulik?

the History of weapons shows that snipe at him one slave reasons, prevented the entry into force of those artillery systems, which, as experience has shown because of the war, would have been in it, especially at the initial stage, the most useful. So, he refused to adopt a reactive subsequently famous “Katyusha”, calling them “fake artillery”.

worse value for the red Army had orders Kulik of termination of production of 45-mm anti-tank guns and 76-mm divisional guns. Moreover, Kulik ordered to remove these weapons from the army and hand over to the warehouse. On the basis of based on nothing assumption that the Wehrmacht equipped with heavy tanks with heavy armor, Kulik ordered to adopt and develop the production of heavy 107-mm cannon, which was considered as anti-gun. Meanwhile, German tanks were medium and light, and, as experience has shown, an easy 45-mm gun (the famous “EP”) was the most effective weapon against them in the beginning of the war.

a Deficit of 45 mm guns in the army in the summer of 1941 were caused by the leadership of the Sandpiper. He largely Soviet infantry divisions were during this period, unarmed against the German tank attack.

Npenalty “on set”

But these orders Kulik changed the attitude of Stalin during the war. Kulik was dismissed from the post of chief of the GAU during the three days of the war and, obviously, in connection with the approach of its beginning. Already 22 June 1941, Kulik went as the representative Rate on the Western front. There he along with his troops were surrounded and barely went to her.

a Report from the commander of the Third division of the 10th army regimental Commissar Moose from 13 July 1941, testified that Kulik, afraid to be captured, threw away the membership card, other documents, personal weapons, changed into civilian clothes and was ordered to do the same to their subordinates. It seemed that this episode would be enough for Stalin to make conclusions in relation to the Marshal. But Stalin was in no hurry and repeatedly gave Kulik a chance to rehabilitate.

Further action Kulik, however, was appreciated Stalin biased and obviously under the influence of the cowardly behavior of the Marshal in the first weeks of the war. When in November 1941, Kulik was appointed commander of the 51st army in the Kerch something no military leader in his place could not have, apparently to prevent the surrender of the city. However, Kulik was accused of disorganization, demoralization and cowardice.

In March 1942 Kulik was demoted to the rank of Marshal to major-General, was stripped of the title Hero of the Soviet Union and of all orders. Although Kulik clearly did not deserve such punishment for actions near Kerch, we can say that he was punished in the aggregate, beginning with activities at the post of head of GAU before the war.

Unduly repressed, but undeniable “pest” and “a coward”

during the war, Kulik was repeatedly appointed to the post of commander of various armies. However, according to the unanimous authoritative evidence (Zhukov, Vasilevsky, etc.), again played poorly, clearly not matching the post. During the war there was a partial rehabilitation: raising to the rank of Lieutenant-General, a return of part orders and assign a new title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Nabout at the same time continued to undermine Kulik. Before the end of the war he was accused of abuse of office, looting, use of soldiers ‘ labour for the construction of their cottages. It always denounced that he is unreliable political conversations. Apparently, the former Marshal was really unhappy with his demotion, considering himself unjustly “fallen under the hand”, and became frondeurs. This led to his arrest in 1947 to his death, as described above.

Kulik, undoubtedly, is among the unjustly persecuted under Stalin, as the charge for which he was shot, did not mention his apparent “sabotage” before the war and cowardice at the beginning, for which, perhaps, he deserved a demotion in rank and forfeiture of awards. That’s the paradox.

Yaroslav Butakov

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