What good did the USSR in Afghanistan

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before the war the Soviet Union invested in Afghanistan’s economy enormous sums which were aimed at economic development of Central Asian countries. Since the 60-ies and up to the invasion in 1978, Soviet specialists have built more than 100 industrial facilities, infrastructure, education, the purpose of which is not the expansion of the Soviet Union, and the creation in Afghanistan of a modern, at that time, living standards.

in Addition to the enterprises of the oil industry Union were trying to help ordinary Afghans. According to the archives, after the entry of the Soviet troops built 142 of the object, ensuring economic and social development of this country.

Roads and transport

Starting with the 50-ies, the money of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, has built thousands of kilometers of roads that often had to be routed through the mountains. The most famous object is the road from the Salang tunnel, constructed by the Moscow metro builders at an altitude of over 3 thousand kilometers. The longest road from Kushka to Kabul has a length of 679 km. Highway Bullet-Hiberna and is Characterised by Sirha length 329 and 216 kilometers respectively.

because Of the difficult Afghan terrain, special attention was paid to the construction of bridges. In 1959 built a bridge with a length of 120 meters over the river Khanabad. In the province of Nangar Soviet engineers for one only 1964 built three bridges, one of which had a length of 360 meters. In 1982 across the Amu Darya slung road-rail bridge.

Special attention to the Soviet allies were focused on the development of the automotive industry of Afghanistan. So in 1960 in Kabul built repair plant Jangalak, capable in the year to make the repair of 1,300 vehicles per year. The company is also engaged in the manufacture of machine tools, pumps, road building equipment.

In 1985, Soviet specialists constructed three AutoSaveode for the production of “KAMAZ”. By 1988 in Kabul opened a plant for the production of bicycles, with a capacity of 15 thousand pieces per year. In 1961 he built Bagram air field with 3 km long landing strip. Next year the international airport appeared in Kabul.


Soviet geologists had developed for the Afghan government, the mineral resources map with marked her 1.5 thousand fields. After Afghanistan started to produce gas, the Soviet Union became at discount prices to buy it from Kabul. Because of this, the government of a poor country received a constant profit that could be spent on social and economic development.

Moscow has built eight oil and gas pipeline, passing 4 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Engineers from the Soviet Union built hydroelectric power station in Naglu and Puli Khumri capacity of 100 thousand and 9 thousand kW, respectively. In major cities upgraded power plant and electric network. Part of the missing energy of the USSR was delivered from the territory.

Education, science and social sphere

economic Development and social transformation is impossible without local specialists to prepare which in the 60 years of the Soviet Union built in the Kabul Polytechnic University for 1,200 students. On the organization of the University Union has invested 6 million rubles, and the language of instruction in it was Russian. In 1973, in Mazar-I-Sharif has opened a technical school for 500 students, preparing oilmen and geologists.

Kabul every year the College has completed 250 auto mechanics, and in the period from 1982 to 1986 throughout the country opened 8 vocational schools. For orphans in Kabul, the Soviets opened a boarding school, and in 1971, the center for mother and child, which is visited daily by over 100 people. The Soviet Union was building across the country, residential areas, kindergartens, weather stations, clinics and other facilities, which aim to make the lives of ordinary Afghans more comfortable and civilized.

Agriculture and the food industry

because Of the difficult climatic conditions.and technical backwardness of the famine in Afghanistan has become commonplace. To provide the population with sufficient quantities of products of the Soviet Union decided to use the latest achievements of Soviet agricultural science. In Afghanistan acted in the USSR 3 soil-agrochemical, veterinary 3, 2 cotton-seed and one control and seed laboratory.

In Mazar-I-Sharif inaugurated the plant of nitrogen fertilizers and across the country build irrigation fields. In 1965, on the Kabul river built the Jalalabad irrigation canal, and irrigation was used the dam “Sard”. Since 1984, in Jalalabad earned the plant citrus and olives, and even earlier, Soviet specialists discovered several diversified farms. Across the country for the money the Union built mills, bakeries, grain elevators.

the Soviet Union for decades poured into Afghanistan’s economy a lot of money. Construction of various facilities continued during the war, although the Soviet Union all the more difficult to do that. Afghans today comparing the Russians and Americans, say they first fought, but built, but the second only destroy.

Alexander Brazhnik

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