What facts of his biography hide Grigory Kotovsky

History 01/01/20 What facts of his biography hide Grigory Kotovsky

As rightly noted by Sergey Reutov, the author of the book “Legends of the gangster in Odessa”, Grigory Kotovsky, who was lucky enough to turn from criminal to hero repeatedly falsified many facts of his biography. And no wonder: Kotovskogo wanted to look more noble than he was actually. No wonder the historian Victor Savchenko calls red commander “narcissist”.


according to Victor Savchenko, the author of the book “Kotovskij”, Grigory Ivanovich Kotovsky was repeatedly pointed out in the questionnaires to his aristocratic origin. Hero of the civil war assured everyone that he came from the nobility, and his grandfather was a “Colonel in Kamenetz-Podolsk province.” Kotovsky was echoed by his son, who claimed that the father was the representative of an ancient Polish family, who owned the estate in Kamenetz-Podolsk province. But all this, according to historians, is not true.

according to Sergei Reutov, the author of the book “Legends of the gangster in Odessa”, Grigory, being a typical “narcissist”, simply could not accept their too simple, as it seemed to him petty-bourgeois origin. Even after the revolution, when belonging to the nobility, was the true mark’kyi continued to insist on his noble roots. Meanwhile, researchers genealogy of Grigory Kotovsky was unable to find any evidence of his words.

the Year of birth and nationality

The same Sergey Reutov writes that Gregory Kotovsky stated the wrong information not only about their origin. Reutov says that in the column “nationality” Kotovsk always wrote “bessarabets”. That’s just the town of Hincesti in Bessarabia was only the birthplace of the red commander. Parents Kotovsky had no relation to the Moldovan nation. If you believe Eugene Merkulov, author of the book “Cossack Pokrova”, the mother of Grigory Ivanovich, Akulina Ivanovna, was Russian, and his father, Ivan — a Russified pole.

for a Long time Kotovsky was able to hide her true date of birth. For example, a researcher F. Zinko claimed in his autobiography written by a hero of the civil war in the Odessa prison, he pointed out the 1887 and the other 1881. That right should still be considered the last, historians have learned only in 1940. According to Oleg Smyslov in his book “Kotovsky. Robin hood of the revolution”, after Bessarabia became the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, was discovered recording in the register, according to which Kotovsky was born in 1881. Victor Savchenko assumes that the purpose of such fraud was the concealment of Grigory Ivanovich sins of my youth.

the story of the Princess

However, some of his sins Grigory Kotovsky was proud of. For example, many Soviet sources were disseminated by the story of Prince Cantacuzino. As written, the Roman Gul in his book “Red marshals”, at one time Kotovskaya has worked in the estate referred to Prince Cantacuzino, and entered into communication with his wife. When Cantacuzino found out about the affair his wife, he ordered the peasants to teach the Gregory and related to leave in the desert. Kotovsky, however, soon returned, killed the landlord and set fire to the estate. It is noteworthy that Gul called this episode from the life of the hero of the first Chapter of his criminal career.

however, many modern historians believe this drama is fictional, and by Kotovsky. So, Nikolai Zenkovich, author of “the twentieth century: top generals in the years of turmoil”, insists that the story of the Princess more than once been modified. There are versions that Kotovsk won Cantacuzino, and with his fists on the landowner, the future commander allegedly lashed out to protect the oppressed peasants. Victor Savchenko and does believe that the story is a myth. According to Savchenko, in the moment Grigory Kotovsky worked forest OBEscicom in the village Molesti and at the brewery, and then sat in jail. Presumably, the idea of tales of Cantacuzino Kotovsky taken from cheap novels of the thieves.

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