What crimes have been committed by General Manstein in the Soviet Union

History 18/02/20 What crimes have been committed by General Manstein in the Soviet Union

the Tactics of “scorched earth” refer to the purposeful actions for the destruction of all that may be of interest for the advancing army of the enemy: food stores, drinking water sources, transportation, residential and industrial buildings, etc.

the Retreating army can poison wells, to blow up the house to completely burn out a considerable area of the earth with all that therein is. Hence the name “scorched earth”. During such a colossal fire killed animals, vegetation, and sometimes local residents.

“Scorched earth” in the world history

One of the first mentions of this tactic is found in connection with the European campaign of the Persians (Miroslav Vasilev “the Policy of Darius and Xerxes”). In 513 BC, it was used by the retreating Scythians, when the threat of attack by the army of king Darius. They burned their homes and the surrounding forest, and then retreated.

the Persians came on the ash-covered wasteland that stretched for miles. A significant part of the army Darius was killed by dehydration and starvation. This technique was used during the Gallic (I century BC), Ottoman-Hungarian (XVI century) and other wars. Not without him and the years of the great Patriotic war.

Manstein: the brave soldier and destroyer of the land

the Famous master of the tactics of “scorched earth” in Hitler’s army was General Erich von Manstein. This cruel and unscrupulous warlord often destroyed the land of the enemy for the sake of the interests of the army, commanded. About his exploits Manstein wrote in the book “Lost victories” and “the life of a soldier.”

Future destroyer land was born in a family of military, and from childhood accustomed to harsh discipline. 16 generations of generals such a heritage is not left Erich choice. He had become commander of the German army. Your fighting skills and leadership qualities Manstein first demonstrated in the First world.

the General quickly gained prestige among the higher ranks and became something of an informal leader. When Hitler began to implement their aggressive plans, Manstein immediately made in the ranks of his followers, are ready to destroy entire Nations.

During the first years of the war, Manstein was buck to field Marshal, and received two iron crosses. Such a brilliant track record was tarnished in 1944. Then between Manstein and Hitler, a number of differences. As a result, the General was dismissed and left his post. But up to this point he had pretty much harm to the Soviet Union.

To the enemy does not get it!

the Tactics of “scorched earth” in 1941-1945 used by both sides. But as military operations were conducted on land of the Soviets, the Nazis, sensing their impunity, atrocities were particularly strong. Distinguished in this regard, it is Manstein.

in the Fall of 1943 he commanded a group of troops, known as “South” and “don”. During this period, the Nazi army had to retreat from left-Bank Ukraine. After receiving a direct order of Goering, the General has used the tactics of “scorched earth”.

First from a huge field in front of the Dnieper was taken out everything that can be stolen and sent to the rear: transportation, equipment, supplies of fuel and food, livestock, precious metals. But that failed to take, the Nazis were not going to leave the red army.

As he wrote Manstein, in the 30-km zone was destroyed everything that could have some value. Loaded to the eyeballs convoys reached out to Germany, leaving behind a ruined earth.

Later, the General declared that were taken by the state property. “Private property do not touch”. Manstein forgot to mention that all that is left in the Ukrainian lands was razed to the ground. About the victims among the civilian population, General “prudently” silent.

the Award for the “feat”

In 1949, Erich Manstein appeared before the court. The main point of prosecution was the application of tactics of “scorched earth”. For their “special military merit” General received 18 years in prison.

unfortunately, brisk Nazi criminal has stayed put. First he knocked off up to 12 years. Then Manstein and all were released due to ill health. It happened in 1953. After the liberation the former General has written several books and quite happily lived another 20 years.

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