With a clear lead over the competition, commissioners Ivo Batic and Franz Leitmayr drew TV viewers again last Sunday evening. 6.85 million are not great for “crime scene” conditions. The ARD crime thriller is going into its summer break with the Freiburg Makatsch edition this weekend in good time before there are even fewer viewers. What we can then look forward to in autumn with new ARD thrillers on Sunday – and what not.

As a Wiesbaden investigator, Ulrich Tukur is expected to have his eleventh “crime scene” mission since 2010 in September. Title according to HR: “The Law of Karma”. While Felix Murot (Tukur) is knocked out in a hotel with knockout drops, there is a murder in the same house as well as a woman who believes Murot is her “sire”. Doesn’t sound quite as absurd as many Tukur crime novels before, but still: This is not a mainstream “crime scene”.

We stay in Hesse. In the second Frankfurt crime thriller 2022 there is a reunion with the former Leipzig “Tatort” star Martin Wuttke. In “Leben, Tod, Ekstasy” he plays a controversial psychoanalyst. In a so-called “psycholysis” session with drugs, there were seven dead. Spicy: Wuttke stands here (next to Wolfram Koch) opposite his ex-wife, Margarita Broich, alias investigator Anna Janneke.

Mark Waschke is at home alone at RBB. After the last (deadly) “crime scene” with Meret Becker’s character Nina Rubin, there is another solo investigation by Robert Karow this year. The first case with the new duo of Waschke and Corinna Harfouch is scheduled to run in 2023. Two quite different characters – that should be particularly special.

In their second case after the New Year’s thriller “The Murderer in Me”, the Stuttgart inspectors Lannert (Richy Müller) and Bootz (Felix Klare) are on the trail of a fugitive who left a cyclist who had been hit in the ditch. The mellow Lannert/Bootz can basically get books any way they want. It’s always nice to see her. It doesn’t even have to be in Stuttgart.

Long live Cologne. In October, Ballauf and Schenk (Klaus J. Behrendt and Dietmar Bär) will be there for 25 years. The Rhenish WDR team can be seen in a third film in 2022, with a strong cast. Robert Stadlober and Josef Hader have guest roles in the crime thriller “Spur des Bluts”. Topic with interesting internal tension: the murder of a drug addict who also worked as a prostitute. Why is the colleague and forensic technician Natalie Förster (Tinka Fürst) suddenly so restless and seems to be deliberately delaying investigation results?

Long live Munster. Of course, the crime burlesque from Westphalia is returning this year, for the third time. By far the most popular team, Thiel and Boerne (Axel Prahl and Jan Josef Liefers), has now been in service for 20 years. In the case of “law where justice is due”, Professor Boerne has a conflict of loyalties. His childhood friend Friedhelm Fabian is kidnapped, Boerne likes his wife (Proschat Madani). Should he inform Thiel and perhaps endanger Fabian’s life all the more, or should he help Veronika cover up the kidnapping and hand over the ransom as soon as possible?

Long live Ludwigshafen. In 2022, Ulrike Folkerts has been with “Tatort” for 33 years. Your Lena Odenthal is dealing with a suspected misogynist in the case of “The Interrogation”. The casting with Lisa Bitter as Commissioner Johanna Stern was good for the SWR format, which is a bit outdated – and also the Odenthal, even if it was difficult at first.

Another strong entry. After a solo crime thriller with Maria Furtwängler and Udo Lindenberg crept into the program at Christmas 2021, a duo film with Anaïs Schmitz at the side (Florence Kasumba) will be shown for Charlotte Lindholm’s 20th anniversary. The thriller “The revenge on the world” is about the rape and murder of a student. Under suspicion: a serial offender called “the Viking” by the press.

A “crime scene” half-year without the really big outliers, with a lot of psycho and drugs involved, as was the case recently with Batic and Leitmayr. What’s going on with the authors? The time without new thrillers and drugs on Sunday evening lasts a good eight weeks. In 2021 there were still twelve. The World Cup in November squeezes the program planning. Special “crime scene” teams such as those from Nuremberg (Fabian Hinrichs, Dagmar Manzel) or Dortmund (Jörg Hartmann now ) can only be seen again next year. They are welcome to run more often (with dpa).