In Berlin, the risk of forest fires is very high due to the persistent drought. The Senate Department for the Environment called on Thursday to strictly observe the ban on smoking and barbecuing in and around the forest. “Dry leaves, needles, and branches and twigs catch fire easily.”

According to the announcement, anyone who violates the smoking and fire ban must expect fines of at least 100 euros and up to 50,000 euros.

As a result of the drought that has lasted since March, the forest floor is very flammable. A cigarette butt thrown out of the car or hot exhaust parts can also be dangerous and cause fires.

The weather forecasts indicated that the danger would increase further. In the coming days it should be summery warm to hot in Berlin, on Saturday up to 34 degrees.

Only on Wednesday evening did a large conflagration keep the fire brigades in Berlin and Brandenburg in suspense. A 12,000 square meter grass and heath area near Dallgow-Döberitz (Havelland) on the city limits of Berlin caught fire.

The fire blazed over 2,000 square meters in Brandenburg and around 10,000 square meters in Berlin, as the regional control center Northwest announced on Thursday.