Vasya Kurka: as a 16-year-old sniper killed 179 of the Germans

Heroes 14/01/20 Vasya Kurka: as a 16-year-old sniper killed the Germans 179

a Native of the Ukrainian village Liubomyrka, Basil Trigger, dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. However, the boy undermined the war. In 1941, the Trigger was only 16 years old. Despite such a young age, Basil was able to be among the most effective snipers in those years. Unfortunately, to celebrate the victory of the Trigger had not.

the First task failed veterinarian

In many modern sources indicate that when the Great Patriotic war, Vasily the Trigger was only 13 years old. However, if we turn to the Soviet literature, which shows the memories of fellow soldiers, boy, we can see that in fact in 1941, the Trigger was already 16. This fact in particular, he wrote in his book “the path of struggle and glory”, I. M., and Danishevsky, I. P. Verkhovtsev. As evidence of the veracity of this version can provide information that in 1941, Vasily, after seven years, he entered the Mariupol veterinary College.

anyway, the student period of life Kuroki did not last long: in October, when the Germans invaded in Mariupol, Vasily ran away from the city. Yakov Zakharov, words which are given in the publication “the great Patriotic eagles” Vitaly Guzanov, claimed that at the same time Basil came to the wagon of the platoon of mounted reconnaissance 726-th regiment of the 395-th infantry mining division. The teenager managed to achieve specified enrollment in the regiment, and soon he got his first job and went with a young Sergeant in the village Chistyakova. There the Sergeant was shot by the Germans, and Basil were fortunate enough to return to her unharmed.

“final exam” sniper

In many ways, this success was due to the fact that Bob Trigger looked much younger than his years. He simply cried, and the Nazis, having given the boy a slap, just let him go. However, the Trigger did not run immediatelyhave to his own, and at first I thought all German tanks, stationed in the village Chistyakova. For the successful execution of the task Vasily Kurka was awarded the medal “For courage”. This fact mentions in his book “the Jews of Vinnitsa during the Second World war” and Faina Vinokurova. However, the medal was not the last prize in life’s triggers. Here only the role of scout for the boy was not to your taste: now he dreamed of becoming a sniper.

In the end, the dream of the young fighter came true. According to Alexander Bondarenko, the author of the book “Young heroes of the Fatherland”, mentor Basil became known sniper Maxim A. Kiselev, who during the war killed about 300 German soldiers. Your “final exam” of the hammer stood perfectly. Job bryksina the Trigger was supposed to detect and neutralize fascist sniper. This boy used a stuffed, mounted next to his position. When the enemy shot at the bait, Basil, quickly identified the location of the German and retaliated.

the Loss of effective sniper

the first success was followed by others. According to Sergey Buntovskikh, the author of the publication “the History of Donbass. From the first people to the present”, in total Bob Trigger defused 179 enemy soldiers and officers, becoming, despite his young age, one of the most effective snipers of the great Patriotic war. For combat service Trigger, in addition to the previously mentioned medals “For courage” were awarded orders of the red banner and the red Star and medals “For defense of Caucasus”.

However, the command applied to Basil not only as a valuable fighter, but also as son of the regiment. Co-workers tried to surround the boy with care, and once even got him a date with family in his native village Liubomyrivka. Meanwhile, this meeting with the relatives turned to Basil last. If you believe the Maxim Galanov, author of the book “Four years and all life”, Bob Kurka died on the Sandomierz bridgehead, situated on the left Bank of the Vistula river. There, on the territory of Polandand in the town Klimontow sniper and was buried by the soldiers. It happened in January 1945. Just a few months 19-year-old Vasily Kurka did not live to see the long-awaited victory.

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