Valery Gusev: the only coach in the Soviet Union, who was jailed for karate

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In the 1980s, the years of karate have fallen out of favor with the authorities of the Soviet Union. Several years in the criminal code there was an article providing for punishment for clandestine training of Japanese martial arts. The only person who has been convicted it is a well – known trainer Valery Gusev.

the History of karate in the USSR

the Japanese martial art of karate originated in Okinawa, the beginning of a triumphant March around the world shortly after the Second world war. In the USSR about it first learned in the 1960s, but in 1973, for the first time karate was banned – along with the most popular at that time in bodybuilding. In 1978, the policy was softened, and was followed by a brief period of General enthusiasm for karate. The techniques of martial arts owned the character in the movie “Pirates of the XX century”, which looked 87 million people. In early 1980, hosted the first championship of the USSR on karate. But then unfolded newspaper campaign against Japanese art – he announced unnecessarily traumatic. In fact, the government apparently feared that tied on honoring teachers of the system sections get out of control. According to some, karate took an active part during the protests of the Solidarity trade Union in Poland.
In March 1984, the USSR sports Committee has banned karate as “not related to sports dogfight, cultivating cruelty and violence, causing serious injury to participants, imbued with the ideology alien to us”. Speaking about ideological incompatibility with socialism, the authors of the cited document could hardly have had in mind the writings of the founders of karate taught that “soft and weak overcomes the hard and strong”. Probably meant the version of the martial arts, which is promoted in the American ThrillerH.

the Fact Gusev

Although the penal code of the RSFSR and other Soviet republics included clauses establishing responsibility for teaching karate, in practice the police are not in a hurry to use them so as not to attract public attention to the “forbidden fruit”. Coaches imprisoned for illegal business or other such offenses. For example, the founder of the karate Federation of USSR, Alexei Shturmin, was convicted of buying and selling currencies. Exception the police did to Valery Gusev – one of the most respected masters. Gusev received the first lessons of martial arts in 1969 from the Chinese teachers, and later he began to teach. One time master was listed as the official trainer of “manpower reserves, and when the persecution of karate he was to meet with his disciples in secret, charging $ 15 a month from each student. A fine of 50 rubles, which Gusev was initially subjected to, forced him to abandon his activities.

“Now training in karate, he began to spend with tightly closed doors, went with his disciples to the forest parks. Traveled to other cities – Tashkent, Tbilisi, where he also conducted classes and collected for a lot of money,” describing the “crime” magazine “Man and law”.
Once at Gusev had problems because of the “samurai sword”, which he tried to smuggle through security of the airport “Sheremetyevo”. And in 1983, for a coach that is called “took a serious”. The prosecution incriminated him “receiving a material benefit on a significant scale”.
At trial, Gusev explained that he actually teaches not karate, and kung fu, insisting that it is not the same thing. To resolve the difficulty, law enforcement officers found “experts” who suggested a broad interpretation of the word “karate” as “Eastern techniques of unarmed combat with hands and feet”. Paradoxically, kung fu was described as “a kind of karate”, although historically the Japanese masters took the art of unarmed combat from the Chinese and not noborot.
In accordance with the verdict Gusev for 5 years went to a penal colony of General regime. And soon after master was released, the ban on karate was lifted. Valery Gusev to this day, trains disciples, as head of a Moscow martial arts schools.

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