The US government sets up an airlift to import baby milk from abroad. The Department of Defense “will use its contracts with commercial cargo airlines, as it did in the early months of the Covid pandemic, to ship products from factories abroad,” the White House said on Wednesday. The government wants to take action against the lack of baby milk in large parts of the country.

“Bypassing regular air routes will speed up the importation and distribution of infant formula and provide a short-term solution until manufacturers can further ramp up production,” it said.

The government also invoked a Cold War law to oblige manufacturers of ingredients used in baby milk production to prioritize supplying milk powder factories. This will “make it easier to increase production and speed up supply chains,” the White House said.

In recent months, there have been delivery problems with baby milk in some regions of the USA, which poses major problems for parents of young children. The supply chains were initially affected by a shortage of workers due to the corona pandemic.