Regionalbahn, Rapsfeld bei Kartzow, Raps, Reps, Lewat, Landwirtschaft, Land Brandenburg, 10.05.2021, Foto: Sebastian Gabsch

What happens after the 9-euro ticket? The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) has come out in favor of a permanent 69-euro ticket for local public transport (ÖPNV).

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“Based on the premise that the public transport tariffs of the transport associations will continue to be attractive for the majority of passengers, we propose a nationwide public transport system for those who have proven to be a relevant target group in market research – drivers who are willing to pay -Klimaticket for 69 euros per month as a single 2nd class travel entitlement,” said Oliver Wolff, general manager of the VDV, in the evening. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” had previously reported.

Unlike the 9-euro ticket, the 69-euro ticket would not automatically apply to subscribers, it said. Rather, passengers would have to weigh up which subscription suits them best.

“The industry is able to offer such a climate ticket from September 1st,” Wolff said. “However, we needed the corresponding order from politicians very quickly for this.” In a further step, other desirable variants for public transport could then be prepared for the coming year.

Wolff put the costs for such an offer at around two billion euros per year. For the current year, these costs could still be financed through the rescue package for transport companies negotiated with politicians. “A new regulation is then needed for the new year.”