The Toronto Police Service (TPS), says it will send resources to Ottawa in advance of the trucker protest this weekend.

TPS spokesperson Connie Osborne confirmed to Global News Friday that resources are being sent to the capital at the request of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS).

Osborne didn’t specify exactly what was being sent to Ottawa.

OPS stated that it would call in reinforcements to keep the peace.

The convoy’s supporters and participants will gather in Washington this weekend to protest the COVID-19-related mandates.

Several demonstrators have arrived from across the country in advance of the protest. Some even arrived in Ottawa on Friday.

On Thursday, convoys passed through the Greater Toronto Area. Protestors rallied throughout the region in support.

OPS tweeted a series Friday of statements confirming that they are planning for the “major protest” this weekend with main protests on Saturday, and Sunday.

OPS noted that traffic issues throughout the city were a concern. Police stated that organizers had advised it would be peaceful.

Police continued, “We will have officers walking in plain clothes and using different methods to gather evidence and observe crowds.”

Residents and Demonstrators can expect to see members of our armed forces in different uniforms and with different equipment.

“This is Canada. We truly believe that the vast majority of those involved in any aspect will do so peacefully, lawfully.”

OPS stated that there would be large police presence beginning Friday and continuing throughout the weekend. Officers will be present to ensure peaceful demonstrations and they have been instructed to “also intervene in violence and laws that are broken and restore peace.”

Security concerns have been raised by some who hold extreme and far-right views.

The atmosphere is party-like, with many people setting up barbecues on sidewalks and playing instruments, as well as honking horns and blasting music.

Ottawa was still locked down because some of the convoy members threatened violence. Police said they were gathering intelligence about possible threats.