After a month of trying to get their parties to get closer to each other and to have preformateurs, Geert Bourgeois (N-VA), and mr. Rudy Demotte (PS) – this afternoon, a report was released by king Philip. Starting now the consultations, in order to see how to do 162 of days after the election, the federal coalition formation process are still as good as the other.

today I never felt so right, and Belgium will never be so complex”, is the headline in this newspaper on may 27th , the morning after the election. The N-VA, lost feathers, compared to five years ago, but it remains head and shoulders above its competitors. On the French-speaking side, the socialist party, then again all-powerful. It immediately warns of the N-VA-president Bart De Wever:the federal government has vormenzonder the Flemish majority vote is “a major problem”. Read the other Flemish parties do not need to try for a purple-and-green government without N-VA, on its own two feet. Weaver is hoping for a king is He that he has enough Dafalgan Forte of lying to it during its consultations.

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whether Or not the pain killers has taken place, we know not, but it is a fact that king Philip, after three days of talks with the party chairs, the hot potato passes to two of the royal informateurs. He was ordered to Johan Vande Lanotte (sp.(a) and Didier Reynders (MR), the 30th may is an information-command“in order to meet the challenges that our nation stands for, and identify the opportunities and the conditions necessary for the formation of the federal government to go after”. Both are politicians and have loads of experience in the snake pit of federal politics, the have an extensive address book, and are both very good at their respective opposite side of the language border. it is Not a ‘truck’

Right, it is clear that the two informateurs to be a very difficult task: to formally, or nva, nor the PS is an action against each other, spoken, content to let the two parties may not in order to emphasize how far apart their views are from one another. The N-VA wants to be comfortable with the PS, but only to the confederalisme. The socialist party refuses to accept, then back to the ‘truck’ of the afgestrafte-Swedish coalition.

it Quickly becomes clear that there is some progress, not referred to until such time as the regional puzzle will not be brought under control. Even though there exists a catch-22: at the beginning of July , the press in Flemish, informateur Bart De Wever, also the pause button in the “until there is greater clarity about the federal government”. In the lead up to the weeks in which little to nothing is moving and in which Vande Lanotte, and Reynders, with not much more than a list of “grand challenges” and a “fiscal state of affairs,” the king should be.