The hit video program TikTok said Friday an executive during its Chinese parent firm, ByteDance, will also function as TikTok CEO.

He’s located in Singapore, in which TikTok has a workplace.

Vanessa Pappas, located in Los Angeles, has been interim head of TikTok because August 2020. That is when Kevin Mayer, a former top Disney executive that lasted only a couple of months since TikTok’s main, resigned. Pappas is now TikTok’s chief operating officer.

He’d been a top executive for Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, which went public at 2018.

TikTok’s app comprises brief videos, lots with dancing and music, created by its users who is now a favorite of younger individuals. Research firm eMarketer forecasts that TikTok will possess 73 million U.S. users this season, and TikTok stated last year it has about 700 million consumers worldwide. There’s another version of TikTok known as Douyin for Chinese users.

TikTok called Mayer because its U.S.-based CEO past year amid scrutiny by President Donald Trump and his government, which attempted to prohibit the program based on obscure national-security concerns and also to induce its sale to Oracle and Walmart. The Biden government has set these attempts on hold because it reviews federal security dangers posed by Chinese tech firms.

While it’s still uncertain what the Biden government will choose to perform with TikTok, the CEO choice implies the strain is off ByteDance in comparison with the way the firm fails under Trump, stated eMarketer analyst Debra Aho Williamson. “It does appear to me the issue over ByteDance needing to divest TikTok might be diminished. TikTok is hoping to proceed as a truly international firm, and one which hopefully is not likely to be divided.”

ByteDance CEO Yiming Zhang said in a declaration that Chew will concentrate on”corporate governance and longterm small business endeavors,” while Pappas oversees the program’s operations.

“We will keep on building our powerful and deep management team since we set the stage for another stage of TikTok’s victory,” Chew said.