In brussels, Thousands of commuters and tourists there are all járen by the preciesis, the putteke ” to Brussels Central station. The Europakruispunt to the train station, all of 13 years, fencing in a black-and-raise of a a few square meters. Once, there had to be a team, but it seems no-one has to know who is working on it.

‘ That black thing over there, with the fencing? I have no idea. According to colleagues, this has been since 1992.” The staff at the Hilton Hotel in Brussels Europakruispunt are in need of a joke, but the judgment makes it clear, though, is how long they have been forced to look at the thing in front of their doors.

the Russian investors

The Brussels-based news website Bruzz, described how some of the passers-by wondering what the heck this platform and the surrounding nadarhekken in “ten years” to do so. And anyone who is responsible for the city and a developer, or by the sncb / NMBS – be the one to the other.

En avant, then! One thing is for sure: it was during the renovation of the Horta gallery, which in 2009 was re-opened and the station is under the square connecting it with the Herbes, it was a glasplafond be provided to the passers-by a glimpse into the underground complex to buy. The owner of the gallery, and had a permit for it, but he made it work, never. The city was able to yesterday, does not make it clear who the owner is, or where the work has begun, but it is a picture from 2006, it is apparent that the gates, there was already a queue. “It was then, at least, not for the RAILWAY, which is in the gallery as well, and if not, the part on which the dome was to come. According to the city’s nearby the hotel, there is nothing to do with it – all we caught signals, the first breakthrough, however, was carried out by the group behind the Hotel, that is until the end of 2014, at the Europakruispunt was. Leading up to their bankruptcy, had The Swiss Hotel Leasing Company, not only the walls, as well as in the basement of the hotel. And so also the relevant part of the Horta gallery. Their shares are sold to a group of Russian investors, but what they have, since then, the gallery is done, it is not well known. “Initially there was a permit for the work, but that was the gallery was transformed from the owner”, it is necessary to present the ships of the Urban Years People Change.Of Brussels). “A couple of years ago, we tried to contact the new owner, ask him / her to the dome, and to achieve compliance with the permit, and we are going to now have to re-do it. It was his own. Perhaps he is not even aware of the fact that he is of the work is to be done.”

Sorry, it’s a long time ago –

As in the original design of the glazing was, after all, is also a problem. Passers-by were able to do, but for traffic, such as ambulances and fire trucks appeared to be broken. Therefore, it would be in an elevated cupola, which no one would be able to walk or drive on, said the former alderman of town planning Geoffroy Coomans de Brachène (MR). two years ago, Bruzz. He was snapped during his term of office in the highly complex case of the ‘putteke’. Originally, he considered Beliris, which is due to the construction and the renovation of the image of Brussels, still has to improve to be responsible. It all started in 2009 with the redesign of the boulevard de l’impératrice, is a major traffic route between Brussels Central station and the hotels on the Europakruispunt, with the purpose of the square is traffic-free making. But that was not the case. “Our project was completed in 2012 and made it to the dome is not a part of that,” says press contact Elien De Swaef. They just round the hole? “I’m Sorry, that was a long time ago.”

a bit more to do in the meantime, Brussels-ships and Double sigh. “Not that it’s dangerous, but every day passing there are a lot of commuters, tourists, and Locals. Those fences are there for a lifetime. Aesthetically, it just isn’t good. And in the view of the fact that Brussels is one big yard, and is only getting stronger.”