Hardly any manufacturer can afford not to have at least one gravel bike in their range. The direct marketer Canyon offers a particularly wide range of models, including the affordable entry-level model Grizl 6. With its 45 millimeter wide Pirelli tires, it is made for particularly rough terrain.

The bike with an aluminum frame weighs just 10.7 kilograms. Thanks to the attachment options on the rear triangle, top tube and fork, it is ideal for bikepacking tours. The frame colors were apparently inspired by tea varieties: Gravel fans can choose between Matcha and Earl Gray.

Gears: Shimano GRX 400 2×10 derailleur system Brakes: Shimano RT70 hydraulic disc brakes Plus: Eight frame sizes for all body sizes Minus: Saddle creates high friction on clothing Price: 1499 euros

With the model name “Villiger”, Diamant pays homage to the traditional Swiss brand of the same name. Until 2015, touring bikes were produced at Villiger in the neighboring municipality of Dübendorf in Zurich. The Saxon bicycle manufacturer Diamant continues this tradition with their stylish travel companion.

Luggage racks on the front and rear wheels offer plenty of space for bags and utensils. The Shimano Deore gears get by with a sprocket on the crank and is therefore less maintenance-intensive. Experience has shown that the high-quality Brooks leather saddle requires a little break-in period. The bike is available in four frame sizes.

Gears: Shimano Deore 11-speed derailleur system Brakes: Hydraulic Shimano MT200 disc brakes Plus: There is a 40-year guarantee on the frame Minus: Pedals and front wheel very close together in curves Price: 1449 euros

The Falter L 4.0 Cargo offers the usual comfort of a Dutch bike – comfortable seating position, closed chain plate, hub gears – but is made in Germany. The elegant combination of black frame and brown parts gives the city bike a dignified vintage aura.

The additional luggage rack on the front wheel and the frame lock, with which you can secure the bike for short errands, are practical. The bike is available in three steel frame shapes: diamond with a high top tube, trapeze with a slanted tube or as a curved wave variant. A gaudy variant in light turquoise is also available.

Gears: Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub gears Brakes: Sturmey Archer drum brakes with back pedal Plus: Very good value for money Minus: Typical Dutch bike weight of 19.7 kilos Price: 899.99 euros

Sporty pedelecs that are also impressive in urban areas are the exception rather than the rule. The Roadster Mixte Touring is undoubtedly one of them. The bike is sleek, the 625 Wh battery is integrated into the down tube. The roadster is powered by a Bosch Performance CX motor, which accelerates powerfully.

It is equipped with a simple Bosch Purion computer as standard. If you prefer to use your cell phone, you have to put 120 euros on the table for a smartphone hub. The networked Nyon on-board computer with touch display costs an additional 300 euros.

The rear light from Busch integrated into the fender is practical