Not only the promised dozen of self-propelled howitzers from Germany and the Netherlands have now arrived in the Ukraine; the four multiple rocket launchers Himars (pictured below) from the USA are now also in the country.

If that’s too much military talk for you: These are the weapons that are supposed to give Ukraine the upper hand over the Russian troops in the medium term. Provided, of course, that a larger number is subsequently supplied. But the Himars can also be used to briefly explain the challenges the Ukrainian army is facing with the new material from the West.

Rarely or probably never before has an army faced the task that the Ukrainians now have to master: in the middle of a brutal war, converting the entire weapon system without being able to produce these weapons or the ammunition for the weapons themselves.

Read more about what the Himars can do here: HIMARS, MARS II and M270: Ukraine gets the rocket launchers it needs – will they change the war?

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