The security officer Yakov blyumkin: why he is considered a murderer of Sergei Yesenin

History 06/02/20 the security officer Yakov blyumkin: why he is considered a murderer of Sergei Yesenin

Although the traditional version about the suicide of Sergey Yesenin in the hotel “Angleterre” is still popular among academic historians, many fans of the great poet no doubt that he was murdered by the Bolsheviks. In 2005, the screens out the series “Yesenin”, in which killer poet, was made by his friend Yakov blyumkin. Is there any real facts to support this hypothesis?

Proximity to Yesenin

Yakov blyumkin, famous for the murder of the German Ambassador in Moscow in the 1920-ies was not the last person in KGB structure, taking part in numerous provocative actions of special services.

In Moscow, blumkin, like many employees of GPU, “looked after” for Bohemians, posing as a novice writer. Poets of the imagist, who were treated Yesenin, was close to “leftist” and the anarchist wing of the revolution. Most Yesenin liked Nestor Makhno (whose name is read in the name of the hero of the poem “land of scoundrels” of Nemaha). Perhaps, therefore, Yesenin liked and Blumkin, who at one time collaborated with the Makhnovists.

At the time of the death of Yesenin, Yakov blyumkin was still part of his inner circle of communication. Moving away from imagism, author of “Pugachev” and “Anna Snegina” decided to release the magazine purely peasant poetry. And in this he volunteered to help blumkin. Winning the favor of the security officer, Yesenin was presented to him gifts. For example, preserved the book “the Russian revolution in judicial proceedings and memoirs,” where there is a gift inscription: “to James in the memory. Sergei Yesenin. 1925”.

the Evidence

the Version about the involvement of Bliumkin to the death of Esenina appeared in the 1970-1980-ies.

“It blyumkin was interrogated, tortured and killed Esenina”, – such an assumption is expressed, for example, Viktor Kuznetsov, the author of the book “Sergei Yesenin. Penalty after murder.”

Direct evidence of guilt Bliumkin has not been found yet, but there are severalto indirect. First, the security officer had personal motives for wanting the death of the poet. In September 1924 in Baku the incident occurred: blumkin pulled a gun on Yesenin. Then Sergey was saved by the fact that he ran away and he was armed. Throwing things, he urgently went to Tiflis. Contemporaries believe that blumkin was jealous of the poet to his mistress Elizabeth mountain (Rosenzweig). Second, blyumkin was close to Leon Trotsky, and can address Esenina on the instructions of the latter. And Trotsky, had many reasons to hate the Comedy. Prominent Bolshevik recognize themselves in the image of Commissioner Chekistov in the “land of scoundrels”. In addition, Yesenin openly criticized Trotsky promoted literary Bezymenskij — poet believed that “proletarian art is worthless”. One time the police were investigating a case of insulting Trotsky Yesenin. Also noteworthy was the testimony of the niece of the poet Svetlana Esenina:

“in the Autumn of 1925 blumkin led Esenina to Trotsky with the hope that Yesenin agree to cooperate. But Yesenin said “I think”, he immediately refused!”

the Likely participation of Blumka allows supporters of the version about the murder to circumvent one of the major inconsistencies – the fact of death poem “goodbye, my friend, goodbye…” called a fake, fabricated Blumkin. For the security officer to pull this was not the first time. Alexander Solzhenitsyn in “the GULAG Archipelago” with reference to the witness, a security officer mentions that Yakov blyumkin was the true author of the suicide letter SR Boris Savinkov (according to the official version, committed suicide in may 1925 in the building of the Cheka).

the Key question

However, all considerations of guilt Bliumkin divided on the main question: was the security officer in Leningrad in late December, 1925, and visited the hotel “Angleterre”, after the poet’s death? Proponents of the murder have evidence of these facts. However, other actinovate refute them:

“Since August, 1925 to June, 1926 Yakov blumkin with a special mission was in a highAgronom region of China”, — says member of the International society Yesenin “Radunitsa” lion Karkin.

anyway, Yakov blumkin in the end turned out to be as unnecessary and inconvenient in the new Soviet reality, as Yesenin. On the boundary of the NEP in 1929, he was executed for a secret meeting with Trotsky in Istanbul.

Timur Sagdiyev

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