History 05/02/20 “Second front” Hitler: how the Abwehr was preparing an attack on the Soviet Union from Afghanistan.

As you know, in the years of the great Patriotic war for security purposes, Stalin occupied the Northern part of Iran. However, on the southern borders of the Soviet Union was still one country, potentially representing a threat – Afghanistan. To incite the Afghan king on the Soviet Union in the early 1940-ies of the tried agents of the Abwehr.

“a Joyous revival of the dynasty Nadirov”

Although the recent history of Afghanistan there were periods of warm relations with the Soviet Union, anti-Soviet sentiment in this country was tenacious. They were spurred crossed the border Basmachi and influential immigrants from eliminated red Khiva and Bukhara khanates. Between Afghanistan and Central Asia did not have a clear ethnic boundaries, therefore, the ruling circles of the Kingdom dreamt of territorial expansion at the expense of the Soviet republics. Expansionist designs of the Afghans proved to be very helpful for many of the agents of the Abwehr in Kabul. Before the start of the great Patriotic war, the Germans have been negotiating with Afghan officials and Ministers, describing to them the benefits of a possible attack on the Soviet Union. Subsequently, the diplomacy of the Kingdom was in no hurry to assess the attack of Hitler against the USSR, taking a wait and see attitude. In Kabul, the news of the outbreak of war was greeted with enthusiasm.

“the Intelligence sources reported about the joyous revival of the ruling dynasty Nadirov in connection with the attack on the USSR. In the first days of the war the king of Afghanistan Mohammad Zahir Shah from personal funds, has allocated a large sum of money for the service of thanksgiving prayers, saying that the danger of a military attack of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan was over. Prime Minister M. Hashim Khan said Afghans close to him that the Soviet Union is defeated, weakened and subjected to dismemberment to the benefit of Afghanistan,” says researcher Yuriy Bulatov.

Reached that the development plan of a militaryturn on the USSR was made by Serdar Mohammed Daoud, cousin of king Mohammed Zahir Shah. And yet, the Kabul regime seemed to the Nazis is not aggressive enough. In the depths of the Abwehr matured the plan of a coup in Afghanistan. On the throne of the Kingdom, the Germans hoped to land the former Emir Amanullah Khan, who lived in exile in Italy. Once known as a friend of the Soviet Union, Amanullah, in the opinion of the Nazis, easily turned into an obedient puppet for the return of power.

Another main focus was to establish contact with the Basmachi and the white Russians prepared to resume partisan warfare in Soviet Turkestan. In the relations with the Germans were seen, the former Bukhara Emir Sayyid Alim Khan, the leader of the Turkmen Kizil Ayak and the prominent Basmachi with the Kyrgyz of the Pamirs Kamchibek.

the collapse of the German agents

the Germans Resisted the Soviet rezidentura in Kabul under the leadership of Mikhail Allahverdov had at its disposal only 5 human intelligence and 15 agents. However, in Alliance with the British, the Russians managed to win influential Afghan party germanophiles. King Zahir Shah adopted the proposal to send German and Italian experts, not directly related to the work of the Embassy. Some Germans in Kabul, there were about 300 people – far more than other Europeans. 5-6 November 1941, the Grand Loya-Jirga (constituent Assembly) confirmed the decision of the king that foreign powers do not use Afghanistan for military purposes. So foiled the plans of the Nazis to impose on Moscow a “second front” in the South. At key moments of the great Patriotic war, for example, during the fighting in Stalingrad, the review divisions in Central Asia could prove fatal for the entire outcome of the campaign.

as for Basmach movement, the Germans managed to create in the North of Afghanistan intelligence network “the Union” (“Faal”), which operated until 1943. Ayak Turkmen in the summer of 1942 was ready to stand against the Soviet Union on 10 thousand men (Germans ofn said even about 40 thousand). To Finance the trip to the North was going the ex-Emir of Bukhara said Alim-Khan, who for the sake of it sold part of its treasures. But after the arrest of the German agents, the Afghan police are easily defeated organization “Faal”.

Timur Sagdiyev

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