The Rochus Misch: what happened to the bodyguard of Hitler in a Soviet prison

Biography 08/02/20 the Rochus Misch: what happened to the bodyguard of Hitler in a Soviet prison

the Last witness to Hitler’s death journalists dubbed Rochus Mike, after in 2003 passed away, the SS man Otto Herr günsche. Mish, as Herr günsche, fled from the bunker of the Fuhrer, but was captured by Soviet soldiers. He spent in a Moscow prison for several years. There, according to the personal pilot of Hitler, Misch was subjected to severe torture and beatings.

the Artist with the Iron cross

Rochus Misch was born in Upper Silesia in 1917. Even before the appearance of Rochus into the light, his father, wounded on the battlefields of the First world war, has died. And some time later, Misha became an orphan: mother of the future Nazi died of pneumonia. Further biography Misha in something like a biography of Adolf Hitler. The fact that Rochus also dreamed of becoming a painter. However, he was more fortunate. Wrote the Rochus Misch in his memoirs “I was the bodyguard of Hitler”, he worked as an assistant artist in Hoyerswerda, and then in Cologne and even participated in development projects of several public buildings.

For this reason, the Rochus Misch claimed that at first he was far from politics in General and of Nazi ideology in particular. However, in 1937, when Mike was called up for military service, the situation has changed. However, he stressed that joined the SS only because he simply had no choice. Meanwhile, the recruit Misha fought no worse than others: in 1939, during the invasion of Poland he was wounded and later awarded the Iron cross 2nd class. No wonder it is among the few people selected for personal protection of Adolf Hitler.

Worker switch

Starting in may 1940, the Rochus Misch in the so-called “convoy Fuhrer” was accompanied by Hitler until the end of the Second world war. Misch, however, as the remaining bodyguards of the Fuhrer, not only was responsible for the security of the leader Nazi Germany, but performed other duties. In particular, he dealt with the relationship of the führer, making many researchers (for example, Toby Tucker, author of “Joseph Goebbels: Life and Death” – “Joseph Goebbels: life and death”) is often referred to as his telephone operator. During the period of Hitler in the bunker, Misch do most of the time spent on the switch.

Rochus Misch remained in the workplace to the refuge of the Fuhrer, until 2 may 1945. Thus, he witnessed the suicide of Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun. He, along with other eyewitnesses of the events, claimed that their bodies were carried into the street wrapped in blankets. In addition, Rochus Misch was present in the bunker at the time when he committed suicide, Joseph and Magda Goebbels. These facts mentions in his book “Hitler’s Alpine Headquarters” (“Alpine headquarters Hitler”), and James Wilson, who had a chance to talk to Rochus michem. This conversation would not take place if Mish didn’t run out of the bunker.

the Conclusion and the release of

may 1, 1945, Joseph Goebbels took Rochus Misha from his position, but he left the bunker the next morning. The escape failed: after a few hours Mike was detained by the red army. Former bodyguard of Hitler was sent to Moscow. As he wrote in his book “the Personal pilot of Hitler. Memories of SS-obergruppenführer. 1939-1945” pilot Hans Baur, who also traveled to the walls of Butyrka prison, Rochus Misch told him that in jail he was beaten until he lost consciousness about five times; beaten on the soles of the feet, poured on his head cold water, and then was taken back to his cell. The fact that the investigators did not believe that working on the switch, it only connected subscribers, and the conversations are not listened to.

Apparently, from Rochus Mike to achieve and failed, because on the eve of new 1953, he returned home to his wife Gerda and daughter Briggite (as we know from the book of Peter Canistota “Hitler’s Doubles: Fully-Illustrated”). Misch lived tolgwu life: after the death of Otto Herr günsche in 2003, he was the last remaining witness to Hitler’s death. Himself Rochus Misch died in 2013 at the age of 96 years. Until the end of his days he continued to insist that I didn’t even know the horrific extent of the “industry of death”. “I felt awkward, aware of the fact that for years I’ve held near Hitler and neither sleep nor spirit did not know about all these things,” wrote Misch.

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