ARCHIV - ILLUSTRATION - Drei alte Stühle in den Farben rot, schwarz und grün stehen am 06.12.2012 in einem Haus in Angermünde (Brandenburg). Foto: Patrick Pleul +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++ | Verwendung weltweit

Was it due to the confusing number of candidates or the previously disappointing qualifications of those who want to take over the interim directorship at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg? The incumbent head of the RBB broadcasting council, Dieter Pienkny, has canceled the election date in his traditional understanding of office, and the committee is now likely to vote in the coming week.

You can do that, but you don’t have to. The electors are allowed to think more deeply about whether the favored procedure is forward-looking. Is this double step necessary for the weal and woe of the public-law institution: first interim director and then director (everything in female form is welcome)? First comes the tidy up and then the builder? Both tasks are intertwined, to equalize them creates more confusion and takes more strength than necessary. It would be advisable for the councils to say goodbye to the RBB double solution and instead focus on a public tender that looks beyond the public sector. The broadcaster needs new, fresh, surprising names!

Of course there is a real problem. The electoral body, like the dismissed artistic director Patricia Schlesinger or the incumbent broadcaster, is contaminated by the crisis. Here, too, there is a need for clarification and reappraisal. Nevertheless, they have a responsibility to appoint a person of integrity to manage the station. They dare to do that – see the process initiated for an interim director. Anyone who dares to do this can also take the second step before the first, i.e. strive for a final solution right away. What is now being done for the RBB leadership shows what the given system is capable of. If the director election goes wrong, the system is finished.