In december 2012, urging a man to the elementary school at Sandy Hook in massacre as a result of it. The school is now, on the occasion of the new school year is an outstanding video to be distributed. The video will show you what are the things you need to have a similar story of survival.

The shooting in the elementary school, Sandy Hook, Connecticut, it is still the fourth most deadly shooting rampage in the United States of america. At the 2012 shot by Adam Lanza (20), 20 children (aged six and seven years old), and six employees dead. The young man was murdered first his mother, and he later committed suicide.

as a result of the new school year off in high school as Sandy Hook to make a video: “If you survive the year”. Students to show what are the things you can use it as a shooter in the school, unannounced. “With the new socks, you really can save a life” says the girl as she wound her classmate afbindt.