The Olympic champion from South Africa was sentenced for

Gold medalist of Olympic games 2004 and world champion in swimming South African Roland Schoeman received a one-year suspension from the International swimming Federation (FINA) for violating anti-doping rules. Last spring, in his doping sample found hormones.

Schumann has long advocated on the international stage and participated in four Olympics, and first in 2004 won the national team of South Africa first place in the 4x100m relay, reminds Cempionatam. He hopes to qualify for and to Games this year, but the disqualification may deprive him of that chance.

was a Positive doping test of the swimmer, commissioned in may last year during out-of-competition control. In the blood of the athlete found the substance GW501516, which is forbidden to eat, as it is a hormone and metabolic modulator and is even considered dangerous to health. 39-year-old Schumann may return to training after may 17, 2020.