The large Berlin swimming pool on Gatower Strasse (260,000 visitors a year) is not only on the agenda of the House of Representatives because of Berlin’s new water polo arena and was therefore again a big topic in the Tagesspiegel. On the upper floor is the old sauna of Berlin-Spandau, which has been closed for over ten years: Here is a creepy photo of the abandoned turnstiles in the dim light – only Hui Buh in the bathrobe is missing.

However, the bathing establishments around Johannes Kleinsorg are thinking of reactivating the sweat floor. Was a recent topic here in the Spandau newsletter from the Tagesspiegel (“from 2027”), and now there is an amount for the first time: “Restoration of the sauna / fundamental decision: 2.1 million euros.”

Secretary of State for Sport Nicola Böcker-Giannini, SPD, gave this number in a long list that Klara Schedlich, Green Party, requested in the House of Representatives. The sauna location is clear in West Berlin: public sweating is currently only possible in the arcades and in the Meridian Spa.

The future of the former tanning studio next to the swimming pool is also unclear. The huge glass case has been empty for ages.

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And here I will name the other topics that you will find in the current Tagesspiegel newsletter for Berlin-Spandau.

– “The houseboats are not getting any fewer”: Ordinance city councilor speaks in the newsletter about the start of the boating season, party ships, police jet skis and the junk ship “Yellow Submarine” in Kladow

– Hallelujah at the Haveldüne! Spandau’s gospel choir gives a benefit concert for the Ahr Valley and talks about the best places in the district in the newsletter

– “We have birch trees growing on our roofs”: the pastor of the mighty Lutheran Church speaks in the newsletter about the construction site and benefit evenings

– Start of construction: update on Johnny-K-Park in Staaken in the newsletter

– “We have a property in mind”: Youth councilor speaks in the newsletter about the new youth club in the neighborhood Heerstraße Nord

– Corona, dentists and school check: City Councilor for Health speaks in the newsletter about the situation in early summer

– New stadium for Spandau? The City Councilor for Sport brings up the new location in the newsletter

– News about the citizen registration offices in Kladow, Falkenhagener Feld and Staaken

– “One of the last contemporary witnesses is dead”: mourning in Spandau

– Long day of urban nature in Spandau – with 3 tips from a particularly great place

– The music school invites you – three times!

– Applause 190 times: Spandau’s athletes’ honor in the citadel

– 24-hour benefit paddling on the Havel

– BVG headquarters on the newsletter: “Sylt or Spandau – honestly, what’s the point?”

– Newsletter reports on the doctors’ concert from the citadel

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