History 15/02/20 “Long jump”: how Hitler wanted to eliminate Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill

the Tehran conference was the first of three conferences of the leaders of the three world powers. To gather them together was not so easy. The main problem was Stalin.

Why Tehran?

At the previous meeting Stalin had refused to come, justifying the failures of various reasons. At a meeting held before the Tehran conference in Cairo, Stalin did not come for the reason that there was a representative of China. China was at war with Japan, and the Soviet Union has maintained with Japan neutrality. In addition, it is also known that Stalin was afraid of planes. Even in Tehran he, in the end, most likely, arrived by train via Baku.

Tehran has been chosen for the meeting for several reasons. Chief among them – that, in fact, Iran was occupied by Soviet and British troops and was ruled by a “puppet” government. De facto. Several units of the Soviet troops were located in the capital of Iran. Cairo, Basra, Beirut was seen as a compromise, but Tehran was the most convenient.

Roosevelt and Stalin

Roosevelt was interested in meeting with Stalin the most. He was fundamentally important to know the position of the USSR in the war with Japan. Roosevelt was going to “charm” Stalin, he was a good his “wooing”. The American President considered the Tehran conference as a meeting, not as three but as a meeting of “two and a half”. Churchill was “half”.


security Issues at the Tehran conference was decided at the highest level. British Embassy, where meetings were held, was surrounded by several rings of protection, at the time of the conference in Tegeran cut off all contact and forbade the issue of media. This sterility would be impossible elsewhere. Great security organization prevented the “attack century”, organized Ontto Skorzeny.


Churchill at the Tehran conference have achieved their goals. It was he who offered the solution to the “Polish question”. Churchill was important that the USSR and the USA began to consider Britain as an equal power. Churchill was certainly a skilled politician, but during the Tehran conference, played, by and large, second violin. The first was Stalin and Roosevelt. Churchill didn’t love neither one nor the other and it was on the basis of dislike of Churchill came nearer Roosevelt and Stalin. Diplomacy is a delicate matter. By the way, on the occasion of the birthday of the Churchill, 30 November, the Embassy had arranged a reception.

“Long jump”

“Operation Long jump” was characterized by breadth of conception and a breadth of stupidity. Hitler planned one hit kill “three birds with one stone”, but the miscalculation was that the “hares” was not so simple. To eliminate Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt in Tehran was entrusted to the group under the management of Otto Scotini. Coordinated the operation itself Kaltenbrunner.

German intelligence found out about the time and place of the conference in mid-October 1943, the deciphering of the American naval code. Soviet intelligence quickly uncovered the plot.

a Group of militants Skorzeny trained near Vinnitsa, where he acted in a partisan detachment Medvedev. According to one version of events, Kuznetsov established friendly relations with the officer of the German intelligence agencies Oster. Owing Kuznetsov, Oster offered to pay him Iranian carpets, which were going to bring to the city from a business trip to Tehran. This information, passed to Kuznetsov in the center, matched with other data about the impending action. 19-year-old Soviet spy Gevork Vartanian had gathered a small group of agents in Iran, where his father, also a spy, was posing as a wealthy merchant. Vardanyan managed to find a group of six German radio operators and intercept their communications. Ambitious operation “Long jump” failed, “the big three” remained intact. It was veryREGNUM failure Otto Skorzeny, a great adventurer and very successful saboteur. The British Embassy, the saboteurs wanted to penetrate the pipe leading from the Armenian cemetery.

Operation Skorzeny even helped Soviet intelligence in Iran was arrested about four hundred people. The German network virtually destroyed.

Stalin and the Prince

the memories of Gevorg Vartanian, when the Tehran conference ended, the only of the three world leaders – Stalin went to Express my gratitude to the young Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlavi at a reception, and Reza Shah, the British expelled from the country. Of course, the young Shah was not ready for such a visit. When Stalin entered the Shah’s ward, the young king jumped from his throne, a man ran up, knelt down and tried to kiss the hand of Stalin, but the Soviet leader was not allowed to do so and raised the Shah to his knees. The event itself, that Stalin expressed his gratitude for the reception the head of Iran, had a huge impact. Neither Roosevelt nor Churchill did not.

the redistribution of the world

At the Tehran conference was, in fact, taken all the solutions that were developed during the Yalta and Potsdam. The Tehran conference was the most important of the three. It adopted the following decisions:
1. Set the exact date of the opening of the second front allies (France and Britain rejected the proposed “Balkan strategy”).
2.They discussed issues on the granting of independence to Iran (“Declaration on Iran”).
3. The beginning of the solution of the Polish question.
4. Question about the beginning of the Soviet war against Japan after the defeat of Nazi Germany.
5. Outlined the contours of the postwar world.
6. Achieved the unity of views on issues of international security and lasting peace.

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