The handwriting of Hitler that managed to learn and predict graphology

History 14/02/20 Handwriting of Hitler that managed to learn and predict graphology

Modern graphologists believe that the relationship between handwriting and individual characteristics do exist. The same opinion was shared by experts in the first half of the twentieth century. Some of them even before the famous historical events told about Hitler a lot of interesting.

the Role of graphology in the history

In fact, experts-graphologists played a significant role in many historical events. According to Michael Labo, author of the book “what does the handwriting?”, for nearly 80 years in the Soviet Union it was officially recognized as a prohibited discipline. Despite this, the first step of Joseph Stalin after the death of Vladimir Lenin, was the creation of the secret handwriting of the laboratory. At least, this fact is mentioned in the edition of “100 great mysteries of twentieth-century Russia” Vasily Vedeneev. According to Vedeneeva, laboratory experts engaged in a comparison of the available party members handwriting with handwriting, recorded in the bulletins for the secret ballot. So Stalin had identified their supporters and enemies.

Actively used the services of graphologists the British. If you believe the jury Argentov, author of the book “Dangerous people, their handwriting and psychological mask”, after the coming to power of Hitler, Britain sent to Germany hundreds of experts on handwriting. Experts collected and analyzed manuscripts that belonged to the führer, and then introduced her findings to the authorities of the United Kingdom. According to Argentov, graphology was able to learn a lot not only about the nature of the Nazi leader, but to build forecasts concerning its further activities and foreign policy. These surveys became, in the opinion of Yuri Argentov, the reason that the UK was among the allies of the USSR.

the Death of Hitler

What did you discover graphology great Britain and other countries, examining almostErk Adolf Hitler? Violetta Khamidov in his book “the Power of the subconscious. Practical course” says that the handwriting of the Fuhrer carefully examined the expert-graphologist Joseph Renald in 1932. Then, Renald said that the rule of Hitler would be disastrous not just for Germany but for the whole world. In addition, the expert was convinced that the Nazi leader will die not due to natural causes, but will die a violent death. Thus Joseph, Renald only on the basis of the handwriting failed to predict the demise of Hitler and the collapse of Germany for another 13 years before the events.

However, the more accurate was the German philosopher Hermann von Keyserling, who was interested in physiognomy and graphology. If you believe Yuri Vorobyevsky, the author of the publication “the Unknown Hitler” in 1933, that is after a few months of Renauld, count Keyserling with the help of handwriting analysis and facial features of Adolf Hitler it was identified as a typical suicide, which all the forces and means of hastening its demise. It is noteworthy that in this respect, Keyserling believed Hitler a brilliant representative of the German people, who, according to count, actually had the ambition to death.

a pattern Change

it is Worth noting that the handwriting of Adolf Hitler with age has undergone significant changes. So, August Kubitschek in his memoirs, “the Führer what he did not know anybody. Memories of the best friend of Hitler. 1904-1940” mentions the postcards that were sent to him a young Hitler and that, too, was subsequently studied by the experts. At that time, the handwriting of the Nazis were distinguished by smooth and more like not a style of 18-year-olds, and handwriting Mature men. Competent but Hitler was not: Teks were filled with spelling errors. It spoke not only about the gaps in school education, but also that Adolf considered similar issues not worthy of attention.

Despite the fact that from 1930-ies Hitler tried not to write anything himself because of illness, at times hestill had to do it. Due to this fact, the experts were able to trace changes in the style of the führer. According to Hugh Trevor-Roper, the author of the book “the Last days of Hitler. The mystery of the death of the leader of the Third Reich. 1945”, in recent years, the handwriting of Hitler became uncertain, like an old man. According to Volker Ulrich, the author of the book “Hitler: the rise: 1889-1939” (Volker Ullrich, “Hitler: Ascent: 1889-1939”) during the life of the Fuhrer analysts had been concerned about his top-down style, which, as a rule, “belongs to those who, in spite of the available energy will inevitably fail at the most crucial moment.”

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