Multimedia The Google to the Assistant on the phone is no longer just a woman’s. As of today, the people who are the virtual assistants in order to ask for help, go to be a man.

What is the face behind the new voice of soul, and maintains Google’s like to be a secret for now. People have their own imagination, it will allow you to do so if they are talking to the Google’s Limit. Now, most people would think this is a new voice, a blonde-haired man, is evident from the research. Nice. Glasses. Sleek, and somewhere between 30 and 40 years of age. Very friendly, helpful and easy-going as well. But if this was the case with the real person behind the voice? Rachid Finge, Google is catching up with the head office in Amsterdam to his shoulders. “I don’t know,’ he said, after he was the assistant of a joke, had to tell you.

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Funny questions and answers are a great pastime with Google’s Assistant, but that’s not true, more and more people use it for. The talking computer on every phone with Android or as a separate device – you can schedule appointments, reserve a table at a restaurant, the people make the call and send a message if it’s from today’s reading.

From the very beginning, we have two voices in the hallway, but the woman’s voice was just plain faster.

, Rachid Finge

More than one-half of the males (51,7%), which have a ‘hotline’ to enable and would also prefer a female voice, and discovered that Google in its own research. The majority of women (51,2%) don’t matter who they are talking to. However, that was not the reason for Google’s Assistant, since the introduction of last year’s summer’s first time as a woman’s life, and it is only now, as a man. “From the very beginning, we have two voices in the hallway, but the woman’s voice was just faster,’ says the Finge on Google.

Great job

It is a hell of a job before a computer in English sentences fluently, you can say it. Two weeks is a long time, we have a voice actor into the studio to make the sentences being read to them. All In all, the computer for 24 hours, to sound, to the sound and the sound waves of the words to the beat, making it appear as if the virtual assistant is really talking to.

And then in the beginning might be wrong. For example, if someone asks for a song from rapper 50 cent to play it. The assistant will need to know that the user is not a coin but an artist. “There’s going to be a lot of handwork in it to get out of the bugs out of it,’ says the Finge.

you can change Voice on your smartphone

are you the new man’s voice from Google is even testing? How to change the voice being used by your Google Assistant will:

1. Please click on the button for your device and to hold it firmly, or say “Ok Google”.

2. Go to your account.

3. Tap in the top right of your profile picture, or your first initial and then the Settings.

4. Tap, an Assistant, and then Assistant to the vote.

5. Choose a voice-over.