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History 31/12/19 the Deaths of the Korean “Boeing” over Sakhalin: the main riddles

on the first day of autumn 1983 a Soviet fighter shot down in the skies over Sakhalin flew into Soviet airspace the plane. As it turned out, it would be the Boeing 747 Korean airlines Callsign KAL 007, flying from new York to Seoul. On Board were 269 people – mostly Americans, Koreans, and Japanese.

At the time – and then the world on the background of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan began a new round of the cold war – the tragedy was not something outstanding. For a few years before that – 20 April 1978 – almost in the same situation, the Soviet fighter-interceptor was hit by another South Korean Boeing – 707. Then the car was able to plant and do minimal casualties.

But five years after the tragedy over Sakhalin in the sky over the Persian Gulf, the Americans shot down a passenger Airbus A300. The circumstances of the incident looked far more barbaric than in the case with KAL 007, however, it does not put the US President Ronald Reagan first case to call it “understandable accident”, and the second is a “crime against humanity”.

However, all this does not negate the fact that questions about the disaster over Sakhalin to this day quite a lot. Why the plane fell as much as 12 minutes? What rescue workers at the crash site and found only fragments of bodies and lots of garbage? Why the Americans accused in the incident of the Soviet Union, if fully aware of the randomness of the incident? Some of the dilemmas surrounding KAL 007, today, and all can be considered a mystery.

Mystery No1: did the pilots of the Boeing 747 that had strayed off course

on Board, carrying out regular flight from new York to Seoul, the itinerary has made intermediate landing in anchorage to refuel. Almost immediately after the airliner resumed its flight, it began to deviate from namecanon the course. Instead of a civil airway R-20, he went to the capital of South Korea directly, periodically flying through Soviet airspace over a secret Soviet military bases.

the Boeing deviation from the statutory rate was 500-700 kilometers – far too many to not notice. However, the results held after investigations showed that airliner pilots just incorrectly set the autopilot and then, by negligence or accident, never held the coordinates. However, many experts noted that the car was driven by experienced crew certainly knew by the example of their colleagues, the consequences of violating Soviet space.

in addition, in the negotiations of the civil service of the U.S. ground control fixed, that managers noticed a deviation of the aircraft from the course and intended to warn pilots of the danger. Do they never do?

the Mystery of No2: what you were doing in the disaster area reconnaissance plane of the US and where does the moons

the Disaster probably could have been avoided if not for one strange circumstance. At some point after departure from anchorage, the Boeing 747 is closely approached at the same time were in the air, the American spy plane Boeing RC-135 – so much so that one of their markers on the radar merged.

After that, the path of machines sold. One flew towards Soviet airspace, the other on the international air route. As their design and dimensions were similar and on the radar they were marked identically, the Soviet air defense had every reason to believe that the country flying spy plane.

in addition, the commander of the anti-missile and anti-space defense of the USSR in 1986-1991 Voltaire Krasovskii in his memoirs later claimed that the incursion of KAL 007 into Soviet air space was intentional, since the plane-the infringer was fully synchronized with the movement of American satellite reconnaissance Ferret-D. Every time the veryyears flew over military installations, the spacecraft went into a new phase, listening to the Soviet radio equipment.

After that, the Soviet air force had every reason to believe that they are not dealing with a civil Board, and with the scout.

the mystery of the No3: that actually saw the pilot of the Soviet fighter

Boeing to Overtake the offending Soviet pilots managed only from the second attempt: su-15TM, raised the alarm at the approach of a ship to Kamchatka, did not have time to reach him while he was in the territory of the USSR.

But su-15 under the baton of Gennady Osipovich was able to catch the intruder in the skies over Sakhalin. As follows from the materials of the case about the crash and memories of the pilot, to determine reliably that flew over the Soviet Union scout or a passenger plane – it was impossible. First, both cars had a similar design, and the Soviet pilots are not studied then civilian cars of foreign companies. Second, in night conditions to see any markings was difficult. The only one that noticed Osipovich is a light in the cockpit and a number of portholes. However, confidence in the fact that it’s not a fake painting, he was not.

to understand the intentions of the perpetrators and warn the pilot of su-15 took a few rounds from guns, though not with tracer rounds, and armor piercing, which is not so noticeable. At the same time, Boeing has reduced the speed to 400 kilometers per hour, is too small for fighters, in which those at risk of falling into a tailspin. This maneuver Osipovich regarded as an attempt to evade interception, and then doubts had already left before him it was the spy plane.

After this he received the order to destroy. Time for this was not the intruder could leave the Soviet space. The pilot fired two missiles, the second was fatal.

Later in the International civil aviation organization (ICAO) will come to the conclusion that the reduction in speed was due to the beginning of the climb.

Mystery No4: why did the Soviet Union withheld information about the crash

the Soviet leadership clearly lost the information campaign, which began immediately after the collapse of Boeing. Although it would seem that the truth was on the side of Moscow.

the First thing the authorities decided to conceal the incident. “The intruder left in the direction of the sea of Japan” – that’s the end of the famous TASS statement.

was Later selected tactics proposed by Soviet defense Minister Dmitri Ustinov, – deny. In the end, the materials on the crash data black boxes, negotiations between the command points and others were kept under secrecy and was only transferred to ICAO by Boris Yeltsin in 1993.

This is unnecessarily secretive behavior naturally led to the emergence of conspiracy theories.

Mystery No5: are there alternative versions of the

Alternative opinions about the incident, there are many – from the probable to the insane. For example, a researcher Michel Brune says that in fact September 1 was shot down for violating Soviet airspace at least nine aircraft and a South Korean Boeing was destroyed South of where the official version was an accident. And shot down by the Americans.

In support of his speculation, he notes that the wreckage, including us missiles, and fragments of bodies were found in the coastal city of Niigata, not the island of Moneron as expected by search engines. To get a natural way where they supposedly could not because of the lack of such strong currents in this direction.

Also, it is believed that to destroy a Boeing 747 with two missiles (one of which, according to some, did not even hit the target) is impossible. In an example of the result is still the same South Korean Boeing 707, which in similar circumstances was only damaged.

There is also a suggestion that, in reality, from anchorage flew aircraft without passengers. His pilot task the United States had proleaunts on Soviet bases, the Americans were able to follow the work of their radio stations. This version is argued that from the point of changing the ship departed with a delay, and at the crash site found no bodies, no things – only debris and fragments.

Yet to answer all the questions about the crash of a Boeing 747 over Sakhalin, 35 years is not enough. And probably not enough for 70, if the other parties – the US, Japan and South Korea on its part will not reveal the card. Russia, though and with delay, but it’s already done.

Ivan Resepi

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