The club Beckham has lost a court Milan

Former England midfielder and one of the shareholders of American football club “inter Miami” David Beckham has faced problems. His club lost to Milan, FC Internazionale Milano the first round of court cases associated with name.

Representatives of the Italian team filed for Americans to court after those still in 2018 have submitted their name and logo, according to Спорт24.Ru. “Nerazzurri” considered plagiarism is the use of the word “inter”, and due to the fact that in 2014 the Nerazzurri have registered a personal trademark in the United States to obtain exclusive commercial rights to the name “inter”, the club Beckham appeared to claim.

the Case went to trial. The subtlety lies in the fact that “inter Miami”, like all MLS clubs belong to the League, respectively, and inter Milan is not judged with their “teammates” from America, and with the League.

as a result, the court after the first meeting took the side of Italian “inter”, admitting that MLS has no right to use similar name in North America.