Bruges, The city will sell two-working-class houses dating from the 16th century to the Rolweg. However, for this to be the house that is heritage-protected zone are to be merged into a single family home.

Important note: the working-class houses are currently in a dilapidated state, and must be completely refurbished. For the rest of the buildings have a lot of advantages. The location is in the beautiful Saint-Annawijk the Gezellekwartier, according to the city council, is unique. “The buildings within the site of the world Heritage site of Bruges, and his art is very valuable. Due to their specific architecture, they are also very important in the history of the city and the urban landscape in the city centre,” said the city’s administration.

The Rolweg, it is well-known for the birthplace of thomas Hardy, which in the Guido gezelle museum, it is located in, and the ethnographic museum. They will take you to the ‘ protected stadsvesten, in particular, the Kruisvest.For the sake of the desired living environment of the houses in one lot verkocht.De the properties have a ground floor and an attic under the roof. Behind the house is a small courtyard with limited bijgebouwen.De courtyard is enclosed by a brick wall on the south-east zijde.De the plots together have a total area of 94 square meter.De the garden/courtyard of the apartments are south-facing.

There are the urban development boundary conditions:

• Only single-family homes.

• Merge two properties into one family home is a be obliged, for the sake of living and quality of life.

• if Any repairs or alterations should be entirely in the preservation of the authentic character of the buildings.

• * * * The structure of the buildings should be a maximum to be retained.

• Terreinbezetting in the qualification code is:the qualification code behind for the master volume can be up to 30 percent of the built-up are with a maximum of one storey and a sloping roof.

all The properties being offered for sale by Biddit, an initiative of the association of civil-law Notaries (Fednot).Has to offer, starting from 130,000 euros.For more information on the terms and conditions of sale, please contact the notary office of Bart Vandeputte, mrs Sophie will be Available, Komvest 40 B – 8000 Bruges, belgium, or the number 050/33.58.50.A visit on the 1st of October.

For an appointment, you can go to the service Properties, on the number 050/44.86.27, or send an email to